How to Stay Positive During Times of Uncertainty


Inspirational quote for tough times. Photo courtesy @buddhadoodles on Instagram

        As many lives have been forced to change and isolation has become the new normal for everyone, it develops a challenge to stay positive. The scary news updates and unclear answers about what may happen in the future can cause panic within people’s minds. But by staying positive and having hope through it all, we can get through these times together.

        Normally social media has become a huge distraction in a negative way by taking people away from what they should be doing, but with too much extra time, social media has become a great outlet to change people’s mindsets in a positive way. 

        An Instagram account, @mindfulxyoga, states, “Just keep your focus on the future but live in the present. Changes are good. We have to leave our comfort zone, and I know it’s tough, but at the same time, once you learn how to do it, it will make you stronger. So you can see it as an extremely intense course on how to adapt and this will help you during your whole life.”

        Picking up new hobbies can focus all one’s energy on new tasks to stay busy and happy. Drawing can calm the mind and stay creative in times of quarantine. Buddha Doodles were created online to provide inspirational messages alongside cute cartoon drawing for all to enjoy. Through their Instagram, they are offering drawing lessons two weeks in April, but if lessons aren’t for you, there are a wide range of tutorials available on YouTube. 

        In an article written by Meditation and Mindfulness, they explained the top six ways to stay happy. Some phrases to always remember are that, “Every day is a fresh opportunity to be better, the bumpy ride is inevitable, live in the moment, realize that everything happens for a reason, appreciate the things working right now, [and to] look and the big picture.”

        Although there could be factors contributing to sadness and fear, reading inspirational quotes and following that guidance can be an easy way to change the negative mindset.

        Students at Foran have been finding new ways to stay positive during this time.  Junior Jaime Visocchi says, “How I stay positive during quarantine is I do different things to stay occupied, I spend time with my family, I try different crafts, and I like to drive and watch the sunset. But I just remember that it won’t last forever and everyone is in the same situation and we will all get through this.” 

        Remembering that we are all in this together can help bring positivity to one’s whole life doing this uncertain time. Stay safe!