Coping with Spare Time


Bored at Home? Play games, draw, go for walks, find new hobbies. Photo courtesy of Katie Ourfalian.

Makenzie Wisniewski, Staff Writer

      As the world is undergoing a coronavirus pandemic that spreads at rapid speed and kills many people, it has been ordered in many places that people should stay inside their homes. The shutdown of many places includes all businesses that are not considered essential, as well as schools, concerts, and places where large numbers of people gather.

      Those who celebrated this past Easter had to partake in church through television and online. Families who are “quarantining” didn’t get together. People look at this time and think they are “locked” in their homes, rather they should look at it as being safe and trying to stay healthy. If more people stayed in their homes it would help slow down the rapid spread of this virus.

      With the unexpected loads of free time people have gotten from this, they’re not valuing it. Rather people are spending more time on their phones and watching T.V… Yes, it is understood that in today’s life it is impossible to imagine life without phones, but studies show too much time on your phone causes health issues. According to the American Health Association, “Too much time spent on cell phones can lead to headaches, decreased attention span, shortness of temper, sleep disorders, and depression.” It has become a reality that many people, more specifically teens, lack conversational skills through human interaction due to how limited it actually is nowadays. Developing into an adult follows after being an adolescent, and being an adolescent isn’t easy. It usually comes with having a phone, which comes with a high possibility to become addicted to it, and becoming addicted is when these health problems become apparent. 

       Katie Ourfalian, a sophomore at Foran High School, says her screen time went up 70 percent in the past week simply because she feels there’s nothing else to do besides watch Tik Toks, go on Instagram, and Snapchat, as a way to fill her free time. 

       To help cope with boredom there are other ways to do so rather than spending all spare time on your devices. Some other fun ways to spend your free time are….

  •  It is important that people still get exercise and a fun way to do so is going for a walk whether it be around your neighborhood or by the beach. 
  • Go outside and do an activity you like to participate in (basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, softball, etc) 
  • Play board games with your family
  • Find new hobbies (painting, bike riding, drawing, running, etc.)

      It is important you find other things to do to keep you busy besides sitting on your cell phone because that is very unhealthy, especially for a developing brain. Whether you do these activities alone or with someone you have been quarantined with. It is key that you aren’t afraid to try new things and you might discover something new that you really enjoy more than being on your cell phone.