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Makenzie Wisniewski

Makenzie Wisniewski, Staff Writer

     Hi, my name is Makenzie Wisniewski. I am a senior at Foran High School, this is my third year in journalism. I am a member of Key Club. In my free time I like to go to the beach, go hiking and hangout with friends.

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Bunnell High Schools , Jimmy Galpin wrestling and pinning a Stratford wrestler : Photo courtesy of Kristi Backik. February 8, 2022.

“My disability doesn’t define me, I define me”

Makenzie Wisniewski and Jason Cruz | February 28, 2022

     It's not every day, someone can imagine living life not being able to see surroundings. While some people can't imagine what it would be like to see. A 17-year-old senior Jimmy Galpin, a varsity wrestler at Bunnell High School in Stratford, Connecticut doesn't let this stop him. What makes Jimmy...

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Foran Favorite: Jimmy’s Apizza located on 315 New Haven Ave, Milford, CT.

Celebrating National Pizza Day in Milford

Jason Cruz and Makenzie Wisniewski | February 9, 2022

     Some people would argue that no pizza compares to “New York Pizza,” but locally closer to Milford, New Haven is known for popular pizza places such as Frank Pepe and Modern Pizza.       According to Britannica, “Pizza became as popular as it did because of the sheer number of Italian...

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Joey Honcz on the right and his cousin Ben on the left, in their last shave for St.Baldrick’s in 2019. Photo Courtesy of Christina Honcz. December 18, 2020.

Childhood Cancer Awareness

Makenzie Wisniewski, Staff Writer | January 29, 2021

     Cancer is among the top killers worldwide. Millions of people battle and fight for their lives. The agony cancer has on both the person suffering, and their families is heartbreaking.        Ryan Profetto, registered nurse(RN) says, "A lot of people don't know that cancer is the leading...

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Reporter on the Street: Halloween Plans, Traditions, and Costumes

Reporter on the Street: Halloween Plans, Traditions, and Costumes

Kailey Howell and Makenzie Wisniewski | October 30, 2020

     October is here, which means Halloween is days away. People are planning their Halloween costumes, kids are planning what they will do and everyone is buying candy to get ready for the spooky season.       This year, Halloween is different from the other years. There are various activities...

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Foran High Schools one way arrow stickers in the hallway. 
Photo Courtesy:  Morgan Viesselman September 22, 2020

Foran Handles the Virus

New Protocols and Routines in School
Robbie Wainman and Makenzie Wisniewski | October 20, 2020

     Over the last two months, students have adjusted to modifications. From one way hallways, to wearing masks throughout the school day, everyone is faced with changes. Typically, it takes a few weeks for the incoming freshmen to get used to the school at the start of each school year. But now,...

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 Senior Bridget Collins after the draw in the Notre Dame vs Foran lacrosse game. 
	Taken on March 30, 2019, by Christopher DeMott.

The 2020 Future of Connecticut Spring Sports

Makenzie Wisniewski | May 1, 2020

Tatyanna Bun Makenzie Wisniewski Seraiah Laporte Staff Writers       Covid-19 has impacted daily routines like high school sports. As of right now Connecticut spring sports have not been canceled but have been postponed until further notice. Many athletes do not know when they’ll be...

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Bored at Home? Play games, draw, go for walks, find new hobbies. Photo courtesy of Katie Ourfalian.

Coping with Spare Time

Makenzie Wisniewski, Staff Writer | April 29, 2020

      As the world is undergoing a coronavirus pandemic that spreads at rapid speed and kills many people, it has been ordered in many places that people should stay inside their homes. The shutdown of many places includes all businesses that are not considered essential, as well as schools, concerts,...

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February Festivities: A Month of Awareness, Kindness, and Love

February Festivities: A Month of Awareness, Kindness, and Love

Makenzie Wisniewski, staff writer | February 12, 2020

    Most people think the month of February is only about Valentine's day, rather February is about celebrating friendship, love, family, health, and even black history month. Although three out of five of these revolve around the chemistry of Valentine's day, there's more to it than people know.   ...

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