Reporter on the Street: Halloween Plans, Traditions, and Costumes

Kailey Howell and Makenzie Wisniewski

     October is here, which means Halloween is days away. People are planning their Halloween costumes, kids are planning what they will do and everyone is buying candy to get ready for the spooky season. 

     This year, Halloween is different from the other years. There are various activities that may take place instead of traditional trick or treating due to the CDC (  Center of the Disease Control and Prevention  )  guidelines. CDC has given some alternates  to make sure everyone stays safe. See their website linked below. 

     Although trick or treating may not be quite the same, some traditional Halloween activities have made changes to ensure people’s safety  : pumpkin picking, going on haunted trails, apple picking, and new to this year, a scavenger hunt from Pumpkins on the Pier, a Milford family fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club.

     In Milford and West Haven, there are many houses as well that decorate to help people stay positive during this time of the year. 

     Although Halloween may be different this year there are many accommodations that are being made to ensure kids and adults are still able to celebrate the holiday.


CDC Recommendations: 

Milford, CT Halloween Routes –