Bettering Yourself During Hard Times

How quarantine helps focus on yourself more


Junior, Todd Harris, enjoying quality time with his family at home, during quarantine last Friday.

      Quarantine is a perfect time to start focusing on yourself more and learn new things about yourself as a person. With all the free time we have, there are many opportunities to explore for and about oneself.There are many self-care routines to take upon and discover. 

      Senior at Foran, Sarah Davies says, ¨I’ve been working out a lot and learned many new skincare routines through social media¨. Working out is also a great way to stay healthy and use your free time wisely. Staying active is a very important thing to do during a time like this. According to many of the students at Foran, working out makes them feel productive and accomplished.

      For example, junior Brittany Soriano says, “along with working out every day to make me feel like I did something valuable with my time, I also discovered that I enjoy sitting in my backyard reading books by John Green because I learned a lot from him recently.” Brittany has learned that this is a time to self reflect and focus on feeling good about herself as a person. 

      Students tend to have a hard time finding the right time to focus on themselves because they can be dealing with work, school, sports, jobs, and social life. Now during quarantine, it gives them a large amount of their day and takes that time to do things for themselves.

      Junior, Todd Harris likes to spend his time doing one thing he loves, being with his family. Todd says ¨Family time is an important time during the day for me, seeing my nephew also is the best because I love taking care of him¨. Todd likes to prioritize his family because that’s what makes him feel better during a time like this. 

      It is important to spend time with family too because this is a great time to bond with siblings and family members more and surround yourself with the people who mean the most to you and make you a better person. 

      There are many ways and opportunities for everyone to better themselves during quarantine. It is easy to find something new to try and even do something out of your comfort zone. This is the perfect time to start checking off the list of things you’ve wanted to try for yourself.  Try to make the best out of quarantine as you can, it can be a growing experience.