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Black Lives Matter protest in New Haven Ct . on June 5th 2020. Photo courtesy: Liz Dong.

A Look into the Foran Racism Equity and Social Justice Committee

Salene Herrera and Melina Robotis | November 20, 2020

     In modern society, inequality and injustice are very real and prevalent issues. To spread awareness and elicit change, students and administrators created the Foran Racism, Inequity, and Social Justice Committee to fight inequality within the school.       Senior Liz Dong, member of the...

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Junior, Todd Harris, enjoying quality time with his family at home, during quarantine last Friday.

Bettering Yourself During Hard Times

How quarantine helps focus on yourself more
Caitlin Ardito and Melina Robotis | May 1, 2020

      Quarantine is a perfect time to start focusing on yourself more and learn new things about yourself as a person. With all the free time we have, there are many opportunities to explore for and about oneself.There are many self-care routines to take upon and discover.        Senior at...

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