Cheering Through a Screen


Pictured is the Foran Girl Soccer’s Varsity team from the point of view of the NFHS camera during their game against Law. Photo Courtesy: Amy Flynn taken on October 1st,2020 at 7:08 PM.

Morgan Viesselman and Haley Flynn

     Many aspects of school that we’ve become accustomed to have changed this school year due to new Covid-19 rules and regulations. Fall sports are one of the main groups that have been affected. 

     Whether it is having to wear a mask during practice and games or virtual swim meets, all teams are facing problems. Along with remembering your cleats, or water for practice you also need to remember a mask and health form ensuring you have no symptoms of Covid. 

     Instead of cheering fans filling the stands, players, coaches, and officials are the only people allowed at the game. This is a major setback for parents, family members, and friends who want to watch these teams and athletes play. 

     Milford Public Schools have given these parents the opportunity to watch these games by installing cameras in the gymnasium and on the football field as an alternative to being in person. These cameras were installed in late May on the press box at the football field and in the gym.

     These cameras are connected to the NFHS (National Federation of High Schools)  Network and parents are given the opportunity to sign up for a membership. This membership is $10 per month and allows anyone to watch the game live from their own home.

     Athletic Director at Foran, Anthony Vitelli says, “With the restrictions in place for spectators, it allows families to see the games live.” 

     Athletics are an important part of our school community and the added cameras allow an alternative for fans and players to remain connected. 

     The new camera systems show clear quality of the entire gym and turf field so people watching at home know exactly what’s going on during the game or match.

     Junior Hanna Della-bitta-Falkowski, starting goalie for the Girls Varsity Soccer team, says,

     “It’s weird having no fans at the games. I think having them there gives us motivation and raises the stakes, I prefer having fans at the games.”

     This year has been totally different for everyone, but there have been many positives to make up for the negatives. For example, sports teams are able to play with each other and their coaches. It may not be the ideal fall season, but it is at least something to keep everyone moving.