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Haley Flynn, Editor-in-Chief

     Hi! I'm Haley and I’m a senior at Foran. I play for the girls varsity soccer team as well as the girls track team in the Spring. I work at Sundae House and in my free time I go to the beach and hang out with my friends. I'm this year's Co-Editor-in-Chief and my favorite articles to write and edit are Entertainment and Sports articles.

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 Pictured is one of the most viral drinks ordered this year from Starbucks.

Coffee Craze

How Caffeine Addiction is Starting Younger and Younger
Haley Flynn and Eliot Poffenberger | March 10, 2022

     Caffeine addiction is becoming normalized in school and in society. Walking to class every morning it's nearly impossible not to see a student holding a coffee beverage whether it be from Dunkin, Starbucks, or from home. What once seemed designated to adults is being overtaken and capitalized...

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Firing Fiber: Three students in Mr. Sember’s Forensics class complete a lab on Fiber Analysis.

[Photo] Analyzing a New Course: Forensic Science

January 8, 2022

Firing Fiber: Three students in Mr. Sember’s Forensics class complete a lab on Fiber Analysis.

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Game Changer: Connelly taking the field as a defensive linebacker.

Breaking Boundaries

Female Athletes Changing the Game in Historically Male-Dominated Sports
Haley Flynn and Eliot Poffenberger | December 17, 2021

     In recent years, the number of female athletes competing in traditionally male dominated sports, such as football and wrestling, has increased exponentially. This increase can not be directly attributed to the previous lack of female interest in these sports; it is likely a combination of sparked...

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Diving to New Lengths: Pictured is AJ Farrell running out of the water after completing the swimming portion of the Race for Chase Triathlon.

Race for Chase 2021 Youth Triathlon

Inspiring Young Athletes and Keeping Chase’s Memory Alive
Haley Flynn | June 2, 2021

     As summer approaches, many parents scramble to find their children activities outside of the house where they can have fun and be active over the break. Milford offers many options for outdoor activities, with one of the best being the Race for Chase Youth Triathlon, run by the Woodruff Family...

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Arrival: Puppies finally arrive at SNARR adoption center after their long ride from Tennessee. Photo Courtesy:Haley Flynn

SNARR Northeast Rescue Organization

Haley Flynn, Staff Writer | March 26, 2021

     SNARR (Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation) Northeast Rescue is a nonprofit organization based in Westchester County, New York. This organization specializes in ¨giving hope to the hopeless¨ and helping dogs find a loving home.       This rescue saves dogs from high kill shelters...

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Training a Puppy: Pictured is puppies Luna (front) and Lena (back) practicing their commands. Photo Courtesy: Shannon Flynn, August 15,2020

How To Train a Puppy: The Crucial First Steps

Haley Flynn, Staff Writer | March 4, 2021

     This year, more time than ever is spent at home. With many parents and guardians working remote and some students distance learning, it is an ideal time to get a dog.       A puppy or new dog needs a vast amount of training and attention. It's easier than ever to accommodate this when...

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Returning to Foran: In person learners from Ms. Hoffer’s AP Human Geography class listen to a lesson. Photo Courtesy: Eliot Poffenberger, January 22, 2021.

Adapting to Learning in 2021

Haley Flynn and Eliot Poffenberger | January 25, 2021

     As students and faculty return for in person learning, they reflect on their time at home with mixed emotions. While some thrived learning online others struggled to adjust to the circumstances and remain motivated. Milford is currently functioning in a tier 1 schedule.      Some students...

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Jimmy’s Apizza snowman on the Milford green. Photo courtesy Danielle Hogan

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Amanda Queiroz, Abby Woodward, and Haley Flynn | December 2, 2020

     Milford Prevention Council (MPC) begins to bring cheer as the arrival of the holiday season approaches. The organization set up Frosty Fest where residents of Milford can purchase a snowman to decorate and then place onto the green downtown. The snowmen and candy canes will be displayed from...

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Enjoying the Outdoors: Mr. Phelan poses in front of the mountains at Yosemite Park after a successful hike participating in another one of his many hobbies. Photo Courtesy: Zachary Phelan.

Teacher Spotlight: Former Alumni Mr. Zach Phelan

Continues to Impact Students Through Teaching and Coaching
Haley Flynn and Eliot Poffenberger | November 16, 2020

     Mr. Zachary Phelan is one of Foran’s new teachers this year but is definitely not new to the community or Milford. Phelan is an alumni of the class of 2010 and grew up right down the road. He teaches three courses in the history department; including Model UN, World History, and U.S History....

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A Great Place For Dogs: Pictured is a smiley dog enjoying his walk on the Eisenhower Trail. 
Photo Courtesy: Haley Flynn, February 27,2020.

Eisenhower Park as November Takes Off

Haley Flynn, Staff Writer | November 10, 2020

     As the weather grows colder and the month of November begins, Eisenhower Park remains open and offers hikers an extensive network of trails. These trails have beautiful views of the wetlands,forested areas, and the Wepawaug River which flows the full length of the park.      Eisenhower...

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Pictured is the Foran Girl Soccer’s Varsity team from the point of view of the NFHS camera during their game against Law. 
Photo Courtesy: Amy Flynn taken on October 1st,2020 at 7:08 PM.

Cheering Through a Screen

Morgan Viesselman and Haley Flynn | October 27, 2020

     Many aspects of school that we've become accustomed to have changed this school year due to new Covid-19 rules and regulations. Fall sports are one of the main groups that have been affected.       Whether it is having to wear a mask during practice and games or virtual swim meets, all...

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