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Eliot Poffenberger, Staff Writer

     Hello, my name is Eliot Poffenberger and I am a senior at Joseph A. Foran High School. I wrestle for my high school’s team and I work as a food runner at the Milford Yacht Club. I also enjoy skating and hanging out with friends in my free time. This is my second year as a staff writer for the Mane Street Mirror and I enjoy writing about people, places, and discoveries.

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Guitar on the beach:: Leighton Whaley playing guitar on his porch in Milford, CT. early in the morning, May 8, 2022.

Student Spotlight: Leighton Whaley

Creating Music Amongst the Youth
Eliot Poffenberger and Oliver Ardrey | June 1, 2022

          Student Leighton Whaley is a senior at Foran during the day, and a guitar player and songwriter at night. Whaley occupies his time with an array of activities from going to the gym to creating music.           Whaley began playing guitar in 2016 when he first started playing the...

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 Pictured is one of the most viral drinks ordered this year from Starbucks.

Coffee Craze

How Caffeine Addiction is Starting Younger and Younger
Haley Flynn and Eliot Poffenberger | March 10, 2022

     Caffeine addiction is becoming normalized in school and in society. Walking to class every morning it's nearly impossible not to see a student holding a coffee beverage whether it be from Dunkin, Starbucks, or from home. What once seemed designated to adults is being overtaken and capitalized...

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Salt In Stock: De-icing salt in stock at stores to prepare for the upcoming ice soon to cover the roads.

The Effect of Salt on Cars

Eliot Poffenberger and Oliver Ardrey | February 7, 2022

     As the winter season proceeds, salt is being layered down on streets as a precaution. Salt lowers the freezing point of water which in result, prevents many accidents and cars from hydroplaning when snow or ice is on the road. Although it does make the roads much safer, it can lead to many troubles...

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Game Changer: Connelly taking the field as a defensive linebacker.

Breaking Boundaries

Female Athletes Changing the Game in Historically Male-Dominated Sports
Haley Flynn and Eliot Poffenberger | December 17, 2021

     In recent years, the number of female athletes competing in traditionally male dominated sports, such as football and wrestling, has increased exponentially. This increase can not be directly attributed to the previous lack of female interest in these sports; it is likely a combination of sparked...

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Toon and Bones: Baleigh Toon poses with a model skeleton in her temporary classroom. Photo courtesy: Owen McCabe, September 23, 2021.

Talking With Toon

Owen McCabe and Eliot Poffenberger | October 5, 2021

     As the school year kicks back into motion, some adjustments are made to school staff. Ms. Baleigh Toon is covering for Ms. Emily Lockhart’s classes in the science hall while she is out on maternity leave.      Originally from Dallas, Texas, Toon moved to Milford, CT when she was eight...

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Celebrating Greatness: Senior Ethan Edmondson’s certificate welcoming him into National Honor Society. Photo courtesy: Ethan Edmondson, June 1, 2021.

Taking an Inside Look at the National Honor Society

Owen McCabe and Eliot Poffenberger | June 4, 2021

     The National Honor society is a prestigious organization that helps to recognize students that have exemplary grade point averages and excel academically. These students are selected through an application process      To be invited into the National Honor Society, students must first have...

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Family kitchen: The refrigerators and cabinets for family use have been cleared out since the families moved to motel living, leaving an eerie feel to the kitchen. Photo Courtesy: Eliot Poffenberger, March 13, 2020

Beth-El Shelter

Eliot Poffenberger, Staff Writer | April 9, 2021

     “The Beth-El Center's mission is to alleviate homelessness and hunger in the Milford area through shelter, support services, advocacy, and community education in partnership with the faith-based community and public and private organizations.”      The Beth-El shelter is a place for...

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Returning to Foran: In person learners from Ms. Hoffer’s AP Human Geography class listen to a lesson. Photo Courtesy: Eliot Poffenberger, January 22, 2021.

Adapting to Learning in 2021

Haley Flynn and Eliot Poffenberger | January 25, 2021

     As students and faculty return for in person learning, they reflect on their time at home with mixed emotions. While some thrived learning online others struggled to adjust to the circumstances and remain motivated. Milford is currently functioning in a tier 1 schedule.      Some students...

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Enjoying the Outdoors: Mr. Phelan poses in front of the mountains at Yosemite Park after a successful hike participating in another one of his many hobbies. Photo Courtesy: Zachary Phelan.

Teacher Spotlight: Former Alumni Mr. Zach Phelan

Continues to Impact Students Through Teaching and Coaching
Haley Flynn and Eliot Poffenberger | November 16, 2020

     Mr. Zachary Phelan is one of Foran’s new teachers this year but is definitely not new to the community or Milford. Phelan is an alumni of the class of 2010 and grew up right down the road. He teaches three courses in the history department; including Model UN, World History, and U.S History....

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