CIAC Postpones Winter Sports to January 19


Girls Basketball Season: Junior, Abby Sanwald playing. Photo courtesy: Ava Candido.

Kaleigh Porcu and Ava Candido

     When the global outbreak of Covid-19 happened, it resulted in the closure of gyms, stadiums, pools, dance and fitness studios. Many individuals are also therefore still not able to participate in their regular individual or group sporting activities.

     Sports are an important aspect of life for many people. Due to the worldwide pandemic, winter sports all around the world are getting postponed and/or cancelled. These winter sports include, boys and girls basketball, girls gymnastics, boys and girls ice hockey, boys and girls indoor track, boys swimming and diving, and lastly, boys and girls wrestling. 

     Winter sports for high schools all over Connecticut were supposed to start on November 21st but later that day, the CIAC made some changes to the start of high school winter sports and has changed the date of sports to start on January 19, 2021. 

     Junior girls basketball player Abby Sanwald says, “Basketball being postponed is obviously a disappointment because I love to be with my team, but I understand what has to be done.” 

     Sandwald adds, “Having the season postponed definitely allows me to focus on the skills I need to work on. Although I would rather be practicing on my team, I just know if I put the work in on this time off I will not only benefit myself but the team in general.”

     Riley Grunow, a member of the Foran Gymnastics team, states, “I’ll have more time to train and get ready for the season but it’s disappointing that we are going to have to wait longer for the season.” 

     Both of the Foran athletes are upset about their season starting later, but they both said that they will be excited to start the season on January 19 and are happy to have an opportunity to play during these tough times.

     “In order to prepare for the upcoming season, I have made it my goal to either get together with my teammates and shoot around or play in my driveway individually.” Sanwald states.

     Grunow says, “I go to a gymnastics place to train and get new skills. I am able to get more skills so I am better for the competition season.”

     Coaches for the basketball team have some of the same thoughts that the players have, both feeling upset. Foran girls basketball coach Bob Asmussen, states, “ I’ve been coaching for thirteen years and I have never seen anything like this.” Coach Asmussen states. “ I’m disappointed for the girls that the season was pushed back and everything is up in the air as of now, but I completely understand the CIAC’s decision and know that it was made in the best interest of everyone. Since conditioning has been pushed back, I feel that it was the very responsible thing to do.”

     Assistant girls basketball coach Ashley Springsteen, states, “ I’ve been coaching for two years and it has been awesome, but I am not surprised that the CIAC pushed back the start of the season though.”

     The coronavirus pandemic continues to rattle the sports landscape, leaving many questions unanswered. Winter athletes will struggle during these times, hoping for a season. Finding out different ways to make winter sports safe without making covid cases rise is going to be a struggle but, having positive thoughts is all you need.