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Ava Candido, Staff Writer

     Hi my name is Ava Candido and I am a staff writer. I am on the swim team and also on the softball team. My favorite hobby is to hang out with my friends. My favorite article I like to write about is news.

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Joseph A. Foran on the last day of school for 2020-21. Photo Courtesy: Connor Nieman, June 15, 2021.

What Will Next School Year Look Like?

June 15, 2021

     Obviously, this school year has been very different from the past. Will things go back to normal next school year? A lot of Foran students have contrasting thoughts about what school is going to...

Girls Basketball Season: Junior, Abby Sanwald playing. Photo courtesy: Ava Candido.

CIAC Postpones Winter Sports to January 19

December 14, 2020

     When the global outbreak of Covid-19 happened, it resulted in the closure of gyms, stadiums, pools, dance and fitness studios. Many individuals are also therefore still not able to participate...

Enjoy smoothie bowls and more at CappuGino’s, 20 Commerce Park, Milford. Photo Courtesy: Ava Candido.

How Working a Part-Time Job Affects Students

November 30, 2020

     Many students have part-time jobs after school or on the weekends. This could greatly impact their grades.        Junior student Katie Ourfailian is an employee at ShopRite.     ...

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