What Will Next School Year Look Like?


Joseph A. Foran on the last day of school for 2020-21. Photo Courtesy: Connor Nieman, June 15, 2021.

Ava Candido and Dean Ross

     Obviously, this school year has been very different from the past. Will things go back to normal next school year? A lot of Foran students have contrasting thoughts about what school is going to be like for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. 

     Freshman Maia Matula states, “I think the dynamic of the school will be different. For example, there will probably be a lot more people in the school or just closer around because the desks might not be far apart.” Mrs. Gilman’s goal for next school year is to allow students to work closer together.

     Junior Abby Sanwald says, “Next year, I think that most restrictions for Covid-19 will be lifted, but I do still think we will have to wear masks. I also believe that the school will have a more set schedule.” After all of the changes this school year has brought us, there is still hope for a normal schedule next year.

     Assistant principal Mrs. Beth Gilman believes school can return to normalcy next year. Gilman states, “With the 12 to 15 year olds potentially being vaccinated, that can be hoped for a normal school year.” Nobody is certain of what will happen because of ever-changing health and safety parameters. 

     Many students are currently distance learning, while others are back in school. Sanwald believes that there will still be distance learning next school year. She says, “There probably will still be an option to distance learn because it’s unlikely that everyone will be vaccinated.” Some parents and students aren’t comfortable with the idea of going back to school in person. Distance learning accommodates this need.

     According to an article from the Connecticut Post, Bridgeport will be going back into in-person learning and will not provide distance learning options for the upcoming school year. Currently, there are 211 students distance learning.

     Gilman states, “I think that it depends on the health metrics from what the community tells us.” Before the start of the new school year, the CDC has to look at the infection rate in the community to see if distance learning opportunities would still be necessary.

     Other schools in Connecticut have already decided they will not be doing online learning. These schools are in West Haven, Stratford, and New Haven.  

     With a modified schedule and four classes each day, many students and faculty want to go back to a more normal routine. Matula says, “I believe that next year things won’t be the same as they are now because the vaccine for my age [12-15 year olds] is coming out. This means most of us would be vaccinated when the next school year starts.” 

     This past school year has been stressful with many schedule changes and switching from online learning to in-person learning. Sanwald says, “I think some of the restrictions in the school will be lifted, like the hallway directions or lunch. Nobody expected this school year would be like this, but hopefully next year will be less stressful.”

     Due to the change in the schedule that occurred May 10, students now have full school days. This could serve as an indicator as to what next year will look like.