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Olivia Connelly, Staff Writer

     Hello my name is Olivia Connelly and I’m a junior at Foran. . Im a staff writer and I like writing about  sports and events happening in Milford. I am a member of Foran's tennis team. I enjoy playing tennis, reading, and hanging out with my friends in my free time.

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Enjoy the summer by going to the beach. Photo courtesy: Olivia Connelly, June 5.

Enjoying Summer Activities

Olivia Connelly and Carly Zieman | June 14, 2021

     There are many fun activities to do this summer, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Some summer activities include going to the beach with friends, getting ice cream, going to a carnival, having a picnic, or even going on vacation.       Going to the beach is always fun, especially in Milford....

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Cool(coffee)Beans: Coffee makes your day better! Photo courtesy: Olivia Connelly.

Cool Beans: The Take on Caffeine

Olivia Connelly and Carly Zieman | December 21, 2020

     Many people believe that drinking coffee as a teen is bad for one’s health and can stunt a person's growth. But there are surprising benefits from drinking coffee. Coffee can make you feel more awake, and give your more energy.       By drinking coffee, not only does it make students...

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Enjoy smoothie bowls and more at CappuGino’s, 20 Commerce Park, Milford. Photo Courtesy: Ava Candido.

How Working a Part-Time Job Affects Students

Ava Candido and Olivia Connelly | November 30, 2020

     Many students have part-time jobs after school or on the weekends. This could greatly impact their grades.        Junior student Katie Ourfailian is an employee at ShopRite.       Ourfailan says, “I used to spend my money a lot on food and clothes and also a lot of stuff I didn't...

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