Enjoying Summer Activities


Enjoy the summer by going to the beach. Photo courtesy: Olivia Connelly, June 5.

Olivia Connelly and Carly Zieman

     There are many fun activities to do this summer, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Some summer activities include going to the beach with friends, getting ice cream, going to a carnival, having a picnic, or even going on vacation. 

     Going to the beach is always fun, especially in Milford. This activity also happens to abide by most Covid-19 guidelines. Silver Sands State Park and Gulf Beach are popular spots to have picnics, swim, or relax by the water. 

     Junior Laila Idone says, “I love going to Silver Sands or Walnut Beach then going to Walnut Beach Creamery.” Both beaches also have piers that people can take walks on and spend time with family or friends. 

     Idone adds, “Eating lunch at the Greek Spot and walking down the boardwalk is another fun activity.” This is one of several places within walking distance of these beaches to explore, such as parks or restaurants. 

     Downtown Milford also has many different activities and restaurants. The Milford green holds many popular festivals and activities throughout the summer such as the Annual Pirate Day and the Oyster Festival. The Oyster Festival this year will be on August 21, and Pirate Day took place on June 6. 

     There are many other places around Connecticut that have fun activities, such as the Beardsley Zoo. There are many animals at the zoo, ranging from tigers to lizards. The Beardsley Zoo also holds many holiday events throughout the year. 

     The Beardsley Zoo cares about the well being of their animals and the planet, so it’s a more enjoyable experience for visitors. On their official website, they say, “Animal exhibits, plantings, graphics, and Zoo programs are to be represented in such a manner as to give the visitor a sense of awareness and concern for the intricate beauty and fragility of our planet.”

     Scoot and Paddle is also a fun summer activity here in Milford. Scoot and Paddle allows you to rent bikes, paddle, boards and kayaks during the summer. 

     On their official website, they say, “You will be paddling in Long Island Sound and you can experience calm as glass waters to windy, choppy seas. Everyday is different so keep an open mind and be ready for adventure!” 

     Not only can you enjoy the land aspects such as the green in Milford, you can also enjoy the water and fun activities at the beach.