How Working a Part-Time Job Affects Students


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Ava Candido and Olivia Connelly

     Many students have part-time jobs after school or on the weekends. This could greatly impact their grades.  

     Junior student Katie Ourfailian is an employee at ShopRite. 

     Ourfailan says, “I used to spend my money a lot on food and clothes and also a lot of stuff I didn’t need. But now I put some of my paycheck into my savings account.” She does sometimes take out her money to buy something she really wants.

     Junior student David Gaetano works at CappuGino’s. Gaetano says “I feel like having a job has helped me be more cautious of my money spending because I have to budget. Getting a job has been a rewarding experience.” 

     Gaetano claims to work 8-12 hours a week. Ourfalian works around 22 hours a week. 

     Gaetano says, “Having a job has made me more aware of my time management and helped me get things done in a more organized way. Since I know I now have responsibilities outside of school, I need to structure my time more efficiently.”;

     Ourfailan says,“It all depends on the week and what shifts they give me along with other things I have going on. It is a little difficult managing a sport along with a job and school, but I find a way to get it done.” Most of her free time is used to finish school work to get it all done on time.” 

     Both Gaetano and Ourfailan agree on how it has been hard budgeting themselves. But they both felt the need to start saving their money. 

     Gaetano expresses that while working a job helps him maintain time management, he still has a hard time getting all of his assignments in on time. With working an 8-12 hour week, he still maintains good grades. 

     Even teachers can see the impact a job can have on students grades. Foran’s student counselor, 

     Catherine Olsen, says, “ For some students, working a part time job during high school has meant that they need to do their homework at odd or late hours, lose sleep, or cannot socialize with as much because they have limited time.” 

     Although not every single student with a part time job is failing a class, they can’t do everything they had before.

     And Mrs. Olsen says, “This can add stress to the students’ lives.”

     With stress, mental health becomes more important for high school students. Which means that each student with a part time job should be able to manage their time and figure out what work schedule and homework schedule works for them.