Wrapping Up Girls’ Lacrosse


Foran getting the ball during the game against Amity. Photo Courtesy: Maria Crocco, May 8.

Cameron Lefebvre

     Foran girls’ lacrosse has been a relatively new program at Foran high school, being a part of Foran’s spring sports options for 7 years. This year, the girls lacrosse team had the ability to play a full season, which was not the case last year when COVID-19 shut down schools and sports. The girls’ lacrosse team finished their season this year with a record of 4-10. 

     Head coach, Mr. Thomas Drew, has been the girls’ lacrosse coach at Foran for three years now. 

     Drew says, “This season it was great to be back on the field after a year of hiatus. I was very impressed with all of our Seniors and the leadership qualities that they showed despite missing their Junior years on the field.”

     Mia Williams, a junior going to play college lacrosse, says, “I loved the community that we created as a team this year. Each practice and game we had a good time together and everyone was very supportive of each other.”

     The girls lacrosse team at Foran faced a lot of adversity this year as they had a two week shut down from their season on April 19th to May 3rd, resulting in a lack of practices and games. As they returned, all the games had been rescheduled and the girls ended up playing five games in six days, with only a Wednesday practice in between. The team ended up finishing the streak of games with back to back wins against West Haven. 

     Ms. Ashley Springsteen, the assistant lacrosse coach, says, “Successful lacrosse players demonstrate speed, coordination, power, reaction and precision at any given moment on the field.”

     This sport is meant to be a fun and enjoyable way to exercise, which is why it’s a popular sport among Foran girls. Incoming freshmen or any girls interested in the sport should be open to the idea of trying out for the team.

     One of the three captains of the lacrosse team, senior Anna Byers says, “My favorite part about the team is the strong focus we have on being a family. No matter what happens on or off the field we are always there picking each other up and cheering each other on.”

     Mackenzie Posey, a freshman at Foran and an experienced player, states, “I really enjoyed playing lacrosse this year. Sports have been one of my favorite things as a freshman who is new to Foran. With the COVID pandemic that is happening right now, it really serves as a place where I can be myself and meet new people with no stress.” Playing lacrosse is a big stress reliever for many of the girls.

     Being a part of the team also means getting close with the girls who are on it. Almost everyday the girls have practice or games and in this time, they come to form friendships.

     Sophomore Mallory Janik says, “Playing lacrosse this season has definitely brought me closer to existing friends and helped me regain old friendships as well as gain new ones. Our lacrosse team is like a family, and I’ve learned a lot about the girls I play with.”

     Drew says, “Going forward we are excited about the talent in our program and I truly believe that the future is bright for us.”