Annual “Porchfest” Rocks Milford


Porchfest in Action: An act in this year’s Porchfest plays their music for Milford locals to enjoy. Photo Courtesy: Jacquelyn Wrigley, October 2, 2021.

Brian Massey and Cal Wrigley

     The annual Porchfest in Milford, Connecticut took place on October 2, 2021, to the delight of many musicians and music listeners. Residents and travelers were treated to a day full of performances from local artists and bands, as well as various music genres and styles. The event took place in several locations throughout the city, including neighborhoods in Downtown Milford, Woodmont, Gulf Street and more.

     The city-wide event originated around 2007 in Ithaca, New York, but quickly caught the public’s eye, seeing it as a fun and enjoyable event that brings local communities together around music. Recently, the celebration of Porchfest was brought to Milford’s more urban areas, with one of the main organizers being Julie Nash, the Director of Economic & Community Development for the City of Milford. 

     In awe of the city-wide support, Nash states, “I thought Milford was the ideal place to bring this type of event. The experience was amazing and somewhat incredible. I would say we had thousands but impossible to know for sure.” Porchfest’s success was derived from the play of local bands, which intrigued many local residents to come listen to their music. The event gives artists an opportunity to broadcast their talent and style and help get support from their community.

     One of the performances during this event was by Steve Bettencourt, a singer/songwriter who formerly resided in Milford. His music consists of singing and guitar covers of many different genres of music including rock, country, folk and pop. Bettencourt has played in both of the annual Porchfests to date and has enjoyed the experience of playing in front of a local audience so far.

     Bettencourt states, “I was fortunate to have been asked back to two residences I had played back in 2020. It was an honor to have such great hosts who were familiar with my music.” He is grateful for the chance to share his music with local audiences, and enjoys that he has Milford residents to invite him back to play at their houses for consecutive Porchfests.

     Porchfest has truly been a special occasion for Milford’s community, and the people who run the event and the musicians who participate are glad that it brings residents together.