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Brian Massey

Brian Massey, Staff Writer

     Hi, my name is Brian Massey, and I'm a senior at Foran High School. This is my second year of journalism. I love sports and I play baseball at Foran. My favorite subject in school is math and I like hanging out with my friends.

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Shelton Sports Center: Students choose a variety of different business where they we spending their next 4 weeks doing their internships, May 11, 2022.

The Start of Something New: Senior Internships

Dean Ross and Brian Massey | May 11, 2022

          On May 9, 104 seniors left school to go to their internships. Internships give students new experiences.           According to senior internship advisor Mrs. Melissa Cacioppo, “Internships give students the opportunity to gain real life experience in a location of their choice...

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Fortnite victory royale: Brian Massey and Dean Ross getting a Fortnite win.

Fortnite is Back After Two Years

Business is Booming
Dean Ross and Brian Massey | March 4, 2022

     Fortnite is back. Released in 2017, the game had millions of players until controversy, including unwanted game changes, led to a decline in its popularity. After two years, players around the world have begun to play again.      In Fortnite, a free-to-play battle royale game developed...

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Maguire Casey and his mom at his last ever football game. Photo Courtesy: Maguire Casey, Monday, November 22, 2021.

Student Spotlight: Maguire Casey

Cal Wrigley and Brian Massey | January 3, 2022

     Whether it is suiting up for the football team, teeing off with the golf team, or pursuing his academic goals, Maguire Casey certainly has left his mark at Foran throughout the last four years. Casey, a starting defensive and offensive lineman for the football team, is extremely appreciative...

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Frank Tupka and his friend Bobby working on a 1976 Pontiac LeMans. Photo Courtesy: Frank Tupka, September 7, 2021.

Car Chip Concerns

A Microchip Shortage Causes Car Prices to Soar
Cal Wrigley and Brian Massey | December 3, 2021

     Over the course of recent months, local car dealerships have been struggling to receive the newest models of cars due to a severe microchip shortage. These shortages have left many people pursuing new cars frustrated and many dealerships concerned, as the demand for new cars have sharply increased.   ...

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Porchfest in Action: An act in this year’s Porchfest plays their music for Milford locals to enjoy. Photo Courtesy: Jacquelyn Wrigley, October 2, 2021.

Annual “Porchfest” Rocks Milford

Brian Massey and Cal Wrigley | October 18, 2021

     The annual Porchfest in Milford, Connecticut took place on October 2, 2021, to the delight of many musicians and music listeners. Residents and travelers were treated to a day full of performances from local artists and bands, as well as various music genres and styles. The event took place in...

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Game Day Ready: NFL football fan Joseph DeFreitas poses with his Alvin Kamara jersey in hopes for a Week One win.

The Kickoff: NFL Week One Recap

Brian Massey and Cal Wrigley | September 18, 2021

     The 2021 NFL season has officially kicked off to the delight of many. As several Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, this year brings back the excitement and energy of being at a football game, including full capacity stadiums for fans to enjoy. For this reason, fans are anxious and hopeful...

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The baseball season is finally back at a halfway filled Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Photo courtesy: Brian Massey, April 11, 2021.

Starting Off Strong

A Recap of April in MLB
Brian Massey and Cal Wrigley | May 12, 2021

     Due to the pandemic, last year's Major League Baseball season was shortened, but the 2021 season has started off with a bang, providing excitement for all of the patient fans who have waited to witness a full season.       So far this year, there have been many surprising occurrences,...

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Finishing Strong: Fantasy football has come to an end and now the NFL is onto the playoffs. Photo Courtesy: Cal Wrigley, January 15, 2021.

Key Takeaways: What you Need to Know About the Fantasy Football Season

Brian Massey and Cal Wrigley | January 19, 2021

     As the regular season came to an end for the National Football League, many football fans had looked back on their teams to prepare for next year's draft. This year was an odd year for fantasy owners. Fantasy owners had to pay close attention because players missed games due to Covid-19 and injury.   ...

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Kim Ng has been a part of Major League Baseball for the last three decades. Ng is pictured at the Marlins stadium. Photo Courtesy of Joseph Guzy, via Associated Press. Reprinted with permission.

Kim Ng: Baseball’s First Female General Manager

Brian Massey, Staff Writer | December 16, 2020

     For 151 years, no one has ever seen a female general manager: until now. Out of all 30 teams in Major League Baseball, no team ever took a shot at a female being involved in a baseball team; but the Miami Marlins are taking their shot on Kim Ng.       Kim Ng, 52, was appointed to the general...

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Due to COVID many activities are canceled this semester. This has left them to find things outdoors. For Corina Massey, Horsebarn Hill has been a covid safe place to watch the sunset. Taken November 2020.
Photo Courtesy of Brian Massey.

Covid-19 Affects the Freshmen College Experience

Brian Massey and Cal Wrigley | November 25, 2020

     The transition from high school to college is an important experience for a student.Those going to college can learn independence on top of new material. As students leave home, some may be filled with a sense of nervousness on the journey ahead.       However, with the constant increase...

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