Student Spotlight: Maguire Casey


Maguire Casey and his mom at his last ever football game. Photo Courtesy: Maguire Casey, Monday, November 22, 2021.

Cal Wrigley and Brian Massey

     Whether it is suiting up for the football team, teeing off with the golf team, or pursuing his academic goals, Maguire Casey certainly has left his mark at Foran throughout the last four years. Casey, a starting defensive and offensive lineman for the football team, is extremely appreciative of his time playing at Foran.

     He is a very active member in our school and holds great relationships with many students in the community. Casey not only has an impact on students in the classroom but is also an active member in the Debate, Ski, and Future Business Leaders Of America (FBLA) clubs on campus. 

     Casey states, “Foran football has been great. It’s a great family that taught me a lot these last four years.” Playing football has taught him lessons of perseverance and determination and also allowed him to make tight bonds with several of his teammates. 

     He also thanks his football coaches for making a profound impact on the quality of his playing career, stating, “Coach Drew is an excellent coach, and he is someone I really look up to.”

     Football gave Casey a new family. It was an important motivating factor within his youth and really helped him develop from a young age. Being able to play football with his teammates gave him a place where he can destress and go out there and do something he loves.

     Casey was influential from a young age. He had a YouTube channel named “Mac Chats” where he dabbled into various topics such as video games and movies. The videos uploaded to his channel sparked his interest in the film industry, as he was able to express his opinions and thoughts freely to a local audience. This has carried Casey from middle school to high school, as he occasionally uploads short films and skits.

     Brogan Casey, Maguire’s brother, says, “Maguire has been someone I have looked up to my whole life, and has really influenced me as I have grown up. He not only taught me many life skills but also has helped me develop into a true man.”

     Off the gridiron, Casey takes an interest in movies and the filming industry. A big fan of several classics such as “Pulp Fiction” as well as “GoodFellas”, Casey has developed a strong passion for films, especially the directing aspect.  Now Casey works at a movie theater for his part time job.

     Paul Goncalves, longtime friend of Casey states, “Maguire has been there for me ever since elementary school and not only has helped me develop as a human but has helped me get through a lot of life challenges.”