Apple’s New Rollout: IOS 15 and iPhone 13


Yusuf Abdelsalam

iPhone: New Focus feature displayed on IOS 15.

Yusuf Abdelsalam, Staff Writer

     Fall is here, so be on the lookout for the usual range of new devices and updates. IOS 15 was released on September 20 and the iPhone 13 was released on September 24. 

     IOS 15’s new features include an updated FaceTime more similar to Zoom or Google Meet with a grid view for multi-person chats. People can also FaceTime from an Android or Windows laptop as long as they have the call link. There are also additions like Focus that are expanding on Do Not Disturb by having Sleep, Work, and Personal profiles. 

     The Silicon Valley giant’s new iPhone 13 includes more starting storage and a longer battery life. There is a new photographic style that lets the user choose the balance between contrast, vibrancy and tone. Also, there’s a new “cinematic mode” in video quality. 

     It has been called “a minor upgrade to last year’s brilliant iPhone 12” by The Guardian. The starting price of the iPhone 13 is $799.

     Hadi Salah, a director for a social enterprise and iPhone owner says, “I have been using an iPhone since 2018. I used to love tinkering and customizing my Android phones in the past, but got to a point in my life when things were busier, so there was less time for that.”

     Salah says he had no trouble using the phone. “The iPhone worked really well out of the box,” he says. “It was very simple to use, I trusted its security, like its quality, so I made the switch.”

     Salah was most impressed with the iPhone’s new Maps update. “They’re so much better than before, with the details, navigation, and graphics,” he says. “I also like the new text recognition in photos. It’s a new and very useful tool that recognizes text in my photos that you can use.  I just upgraded two weeks ago to the new iPhone 13 Pro. I was hoping they would include a fingerprint reader but unfortunately it does not, just Face ID for this version.”

     Oliver Aubin, a sophomore, agrees, “My experience with Apple and iPhone has been pretty positive. I feel that it is better than most, if not all Android devices, in terms of ease of use, and compatibility. The format is easy to understand, the updates are a nice refresh every so often, and I’ve never had any problems with my iPhone whether that be viruses or hardware malfunctions.” 

     He elaborated, “In IOS 15, I have noticed there have been many visual changes to things such as the search browser safari, notifications, and other small details. I find these much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than IOS 14. However, the Safari change has taken some time to get used to with the search box moved to the bottom of the screen. My favorite feature by far has to be the fact that you can use the camera application to scan words and copy and paste them elsewhere. This makes it much easier to do certain tasks especially in school, and overall saves me a lot of time.”

     Aubin, however, doesn’t plan on upgrading his phone this year as he is content with his iPhone XR. He would like to see a change with the Shortcuts feature and would “gladly appreciate more yearly camera and hardware improvements, as this is the only real incentive to get a new IPhone.”