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Yusuf Abdelsalam, Staff Writer

     I am Yusuf Abdelsalam and I’m in 10th grade. I enjoy movies, gaming and field hockey. I like writing about impactful stories in entertainment or discussion about movies or games. I took journalism last year and enjoyed it for the most part. I’m also happy with some of the articles I have written before.

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iPhone: New Focus feature displayed on IOS 15.

Apple’s New Rollout: IOS 15 and iPhone 13

October 26, 2021

     Fall is here, so be on the lookout for the usual range of new devices and updates. IOS 15 was released on September 20 and the iPhone 13 was released on September 24.       IOS 15’s new...

A vaccination card by the CDC showing a fully vaccinated person. Photo Courtesy: Yusuf Abdelsalam, May 4, 2021

Fully Vaccinated

May 19, 2021

     After a year of restrictions and isolation, perhaps an end is in sight for the changes since the pandemic. The U.S. vaccine rollout has been speeding up as all adults in the country have been eligible...

A closed Cineplex theater shows how no one is inside or going there due to Covid restrictions and it has been transformed into an UberEats service. Photo Courtesy: Yusuf Abdelsalam

A Transformed Cinema

March 27, 2021

     In a Canadian Cineplex theater in Toronto, we see a sight that has happened multiple times throughout the past year; empty and dead theaters waiting for a sight of normalcy. The Cineplex here is...

Uber Eats at a Subway Restaurant. Photo courtesy: Creative Commons, June 19, 2020.

The Rise of the Online Food Delivery

January 29, 2021

     Let’s say that you’re hungry for lunch but do not really have time to make something for yourself. Pull an app on your phone and you have many options for food that you can deliver online.The...

Someone streaming Netflix on their Microsoft Surface Pro. Photo courtesy: Yusuf Abdelsalam, December 7, 2020.

Streaming Services Attempt to Cope and Adapt to New Normal

January 6, 2021

     Everyone knows the sound at this point. The sound of a Ta-dum sound as the “N”for Netflix illuminates into multiple colors until they ask “who’s watching?” This and other streaming services’...

A Cinemark theater in Milford, Connecticut. Photo courtesy: Yusuf Abdelsalam, November 18, 2020.

Film Studios Attempt to cope with Economic Loss by Emphasizing on Streaming

December 2, 2020

     “Perhaps we’re glimpsing a future where cinemas aren’t flooded with films with infinite marketing spend,”this excerpt was from a BFI festival director according to the Guardian. The economy...

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