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James Dalby, Staff Writer

     Hello! My name is James Dalby and I am a senior at Foran. I love being outside and hanging out with friends. I enjoy writing about sports and life

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Dumbbells and elastic bands are a great way to stay fit. Photo Courtesy: James Dalby.

Commit to be Fit

June 7, 2021

     Especially in these times, physical health and fitness is an important component in every person's life. Striving to improve physical health has the power to benefit lives. It allows people to...

Ready to fight: Nick Newell and James Dalby posing for a picture at Fighting Arts Academy CT. Photo Courtesy: Karen Dalby, 2016

Nick Newell’s Rise to Fame

March 8, 2021

     To be an MMA champion is a dream for many. To work all your life to be a champion and to accomplish it is nothing short of amazing. Nick Newell has experienced all of this. What makes him different...

Out of the park: The MLB Free Agency this year has been filled with craze and shock factor. Photo courtesy: James Dalby, January 2020.

A Dive Into the MLB Free Agency Pool

February 22, 2021

     The MLB season might have ended in October, but the action isn’t stopping anytime soon. The free agency period is upon us, which means superstar players may be finding a new home the next season....

 In-game look cutscene of Spiderman (Miles Morales) swinging through New York City. 
 (Courtesy of the official playstation website and Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Spiderman: Miles Morales A New Hero Wears the Mask

January 4, 2021

     “With great power comes great responsibility.”  New York's Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman swings back into action, but this time, the narrative continues where Marvel’s Spiderman left off...

Full Court: Basketball court at Wilcox Park. Photo Courtesy: James Dalby, November 15, 2020.

King of the Court: A Guide to the 2020 NBA Draft

November 17, 2020

     The NBA Draft is right around the corner, meaning the next generation of talent is coming to the NBA. Teams will be looking for their next superstar, and players' dreams will come true on November...

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