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Joel Acevedo, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Joel I am a very creative, funny, and passionate person that loves singing, recording, writing, and reviewing music in journalism. 

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Poster outlining tips about mental health from Photo Courtesy: Joel Acevedo

Teen Mental Health Concerns Spike during Covid

November 5, 2020

     The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic can put stress on anyone, but teens are one of the many that are having troubles during these times. COVID-19 has created stress and fear causing...

 The Man Behind the madness: The Weekend performs on stage. 
Photo courtesy:  Kayla Johnson, September 5, 2015

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye returns with Brilliant Album “After Hours”

October 26, 2020

     Grammy award-winning R&B performer, “The Weeknd”, has become a platinum-selling, young, record artist who has completely dominated the industry. Many of his albums talk about how he has...

Photo of a Ps4 controller. Photo courtesy of Joel Acevedo.

No Video Games for a Week

May 7, 2020

       During this quarantine, I have realized that I spend too much time sitting in my room doing absolutely nothing. I  decided to give up the one thing I left at home that kept me sane during the...

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