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Nathan Wolfe, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Nathan Wolfe and I am a staff writer for the Mane Street Mirror. I like writing about the economy and current events.

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Investing has never been easier than now, and can be done right through the phone while going on a walk. Photo courtesy: Nate Wolfe.

The Rise of the Retail Investor

Nathan Wolfe | May 31, 2021

     Over the past few months, retail investors have seen large gains with “meme” stocks and cryptocurrencies like Gamestop and Dogecoin. A retail investor is an individual, non-professional investor who buys and sells securities. They are the everyday person investing through a brokerage or savings...

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The view from the top of Killington Mountain in Vermont. Photo Courtesy of Nathan Wolfe, January 4, 2020

Best Places to Ski in the Northeast

Nathan Wolfe and Luca Marinelli | February 2, 2021

     Skiing and snowboarding are great ways to go outside and get exercise in the winter. With many world class ski resorts located in the Northeast, accessing these mountains are easy.       From Pennsylvania to Maine, there are a variety of ski resorts to visit.  As you travel further north,...

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A soccer ball on an artificial turf soccer field. Photo Courtesy of Luca Marinelli, December 12, 2020.

Atlantic Coast and Big Ten Conference Allowing A Fall Sports Season

Luca Marinelli and Nathan Wolfe | January 5, 2021

     As almost every league around the United States  has shut down due to Covid-19, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the Big Ten Conference have continued their seasons not only for all fall sports.  These are some of the top conferences with some of the most competition.  People from all...

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The wrestling team poses after placing second this past year at the Class M state Championship.
February 22, 2020, Foran Wrestling Team at Guilford High School being runner up in the Class M State Championship. Photo Courtesy: Coach David Esposito.

Wrestling Team Taking On A Challenging Season

Luca Marinelli and Nathan Wolfe | November 16, 2020

     With many unanswered questions about the wrestling season, the team is putting in countless hours of hard work to get a season and to make the best out of it.        They are looking to have another winning season returning as Class M State Champions, led by Head Coach David Esposito,...

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Caption: The S&P has fully recovered from the crash of the stock market that occurred during the month of March due to Covid-19
Photo Courtesy: Nathan Wolfe, March 21, 2020

The Stock Market Recovers From The Covid-19 Crisis

Luca Marinelli and Nathan Wolfe | October 22, 2020

     Although the stock market had a huge downfall from the pandemic, it has turned into a financial awakening. No one expected markets to rise this quickly since the crisis and it has surprised many investors.      The Standard and Poor’s 500 Index is a major stock index that measures the...

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This is the model of Chromebooks that most of the students have. It is called the HP Chromebook 11A and is designed for students to use. Photo courtesy of Nathan Wolfe.

How Chromebooks Have Changed the Classroom

Nathan Wolfe, Staff Writer | February 24, 2020

      At the start of this school year, Milford Public Schools issued Chromebooks district-wide for the students. It has changed the classroom and the way the teachers teach. Some students enjoy using Chromebooks but others do not. Since they have been brought into the schools, it has decreased the...

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