Another Steal for the Sooners: The QB Dynasty Continues

Photo courtesy of ESPN. Jalen Hurts, QB for Oklahoma Sooners

Photo courtesy of ESPN. Jalen Hurts, QB for Oklahoma Sooners

 Nick Lawrence Nik Cruciani

Staff Writers

Oklahoma is ranked as one of the top football schools. Many players from the Sooners football program went to the NFL, and it looks like now there are a handful of standout quarterbacks who have a chance of following that same path.

       The Sooners have had many great quarterbacks, such as NFL star Baker Mayfield,  Cardinals QB Kyler Murray, Senior Jalen Hurts, and their newest recruit, freshman Spencer Rattler.

Ben Geier says, “Baker Mayfield has the most potential out of all of them. He was really good in high school and he is an all-round player who has a really good arm and knows the game of football really well.  Also Baker did really good in college. He was one of the best quarterbacks when he was in college.”

Kyler Murray is an all-round athlete. Kyler could have been a first round draft pick for baseball too. Kyler was an excellent baseball player and had many offers in the MLB but he chose football instead, no matter the people that doubted him.

Spencer Rattler was top 5 ranked QB in high school and won the championship. Spencer was the starting QB at his high school since he was a freshman and that is really hard to do.

Michael Simonelli says, “Kyler Murray will be an average player in the NFL because he is too short. I don’t think he will be a bad quarterback, but I also do not think he will be great.” Kyler Murray has to show he is made for the big leagues, especially because it is his first year. 

       Spencer Rattler will be a very dominant football player in years to come. Spencer has a great quarterback in front of him (Jalen Hurts) so he can have someone to look up to.

Connor Elson says,  “Next year Rattler will be a good QB. He has so many people around him so he can grow as a player.”

The big leagues are not meant for everyone but these four names have a great chance of making the NFL if they haven’t made it already. 

Tremaine Thomasn says, “ Jalen Hurts has shown he can be a great threat and he can be good in the NFL if he keeps playing the way he has been the past couple weeks. I would love to see him make it to the big leagues.”

Many people are big fans of Jalen Hurts, and the Sooners quarterback dynasty, and they hope it will keep going on for years to come.