Just Say Hello; Being The New Kid


Rian Koenig (shown on left) working hard with new found friend Lauren Roth (shown on right). Photo courtesy of Nicole Jones.

Nicole Jones

Staff Writer

        It’s the first day of school and you’re walking through the hallway. Everyone is buzzing around trying to catch up with friends they haven’t seen over the summer. You look around and see no familiar faces, feeling overwhelmed and nervous. This is the start to being the new kid.

        For some students this was their reality this school year. There are many reasons students may be entering a new school, from concerning peer groups to moving or simply looking for a better school district.  According to the school counselor office there has been approximately 38 new students registered in the 2019-2020 school year, including sophomores Victoria and Rian Koeing, and junior Kenzie Frawley. Coming to a new school can be scary but also rewarding because students can get a fresh start with new people and can explore new opportunities Kenzie Frawley, who transferred from Jonathan Law, says, “It was easy to interact with students here and I got to catch up with old friends.”

Not everyone will  have the same experience. Being a new kid can come with many lows, especially during the years of high school. 

        Victoria and Rian Koeing moved to Milford from Ansonia in search of a better atmosphere and a higher quality education. While they held their heads high the reality they faced was unexpected. Some would assume people would reach out to make new students feel welcomed but Victoria described her first day of school as lonely and said that not many students talked to her.  Some argue that both sides are nervous to reach out and meet new people, but a simple act of kindness could have changed her day and put the new kid vibes at ease.

        In addition, on Rian Koeing’s first day of school, she said, “No one talked to me except my sister.”

        You may think it won’t matter but a simple hello can impact someone’s life in ways you couldn’t imagine.