All About Sagittarius’s

Sun Sign; Character Traits


The Sagittarius symbol is shown and when their season occurs. Each zodiac has their own individual season and symbol. Photo courtesy of Free Commons.

Kensye Cocchia

Staff Writers 

       Sagittarius season begins on November 22 and ends on December 21. According to the book, Star Power, by Vanessa Montgomery, it is only a short period of time out of the year, yet that does not stop these fire signs from embracing their outer emotions and personalities, consisting of…

  • Brutal honesty towards others
  • Are driven to dominate any situation, attempting to be the best
  • Sagittarius’s express a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm
  • Enjoys attention
  • Always tries new obstacles to better themselves
  • These individuals seek for the truth and will not allow one to undermine them
  • Considers all viewpoints in a controversy or problem
  • Tends to exaggerate any given situation

       Joseph A. Foran High School student, Seraiah LaPorte mentions, “Sagittarius’s are known for being extroverted, fun, and adventurous.” Another student, Jenna DeEll, added, “Sagittarius’s are sociable people with bold personalities.” 

       All twelve zodiac signs are unique in their own ways, according to LaPorte, “A Sagittarius’s personality makes them unique, as each individual is different, they all share the same positivity. Their enthusiasm with everything they do uplifts others. The Sagittarian independence they carry makes them their own leader which helps inspire those around them to just be themselves.” Sagittarius’s obtain the ability to always attempt to think positive and learn from their own mistakes, which many of the other zodiac signs struggle with. 

       Each zodiac sign is valuable to an individual’s identity given it is how one is able to represent their outer traits. DeEll agrees that “Personality makes one’s identity, therefore, Sagittarius’ personality traits make up an individual’s identity with this zodiac sign.” LaPorte remarks, “The character traits of a Sagittarius aren’t as valuable to an individual’s character for those who are a Sagittarius because not everyone may identify with what a Sagittarius is known for. I believe that it’s the few traits a person embraces rather than keep hidden, makes it valuable to a person’s identity and personality.”