Shooting For the Stars

Student Spotlight: Mia Tunucci


Mia Tunucci looks for an open teammate to pass to during last year’s season against Harding High School on January 7, 2019.

Morgan Viesselman

Staff Writer

        Many people at Foran are both athletes and students who are trying their best athletically and academically to show the most successful version of themselves. Senior, Mia Tunucci, is a very good example of showing success in both of these areas and so much more.

        Tunucci is a two-sport varsity player, great teammate, and friend. Playing basketball and starting varsity all four, has given Coach Bob Asmussen the opportunity to get to know Tunucci very well. Asmussen says that Mia “ has always done everything I have asked her to do for the good of the team.” This is one of the many reasons why Tunucci was selected to be a captain for the upcoming girls basketball season. She was chosen by Asmussen because of her “commitment to the team and the sport.” Mia has always loved the competitiveness of the game and how she is able to play with some of her close friends. Being a captain for this season has opened the eyes of Tunucci and showed her that she can “be a leader on and off the court while training the underclassmen to become proud Foran players!”

        After playing little league baseball for a few years when she was younger, Tunucci decided to switch to softball for a season in eighth grade. After not playing freshman or sophomore year, Mia picked up her glove again junior year and tried out for the Foran softball team. This was no problem to Tunucci, as she earned a starting spot on the varsity team playing right field. As the season continued on, Mia got better and better making many clutch catches in the outfield. 

        Another main part of Mia’s life is photography and art. She takes the AP Studio class so she can “express creativity while working on my own schedule”

        Not only is Mia an amazing athlete, but she is a great friend, leader, teammate, and student.