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About Our Class

Hi, my name is Katie Buckheit, and I am the 2015-2016 Mane Street Mirror Editor-in-Chief!  I’m a senior and have been writing for the paper since my sophomore year.  I love to write for the paper because it’s a great way to get news out to the student body and faculty alike, about clubs, organizations and teams.

Outside ofCopy of IMG_1076[1] writing and editing the paper, I have a strong passion for music.  I play many instruments, including bassoon, saxophone, flute and piccolo.  I have worked really hard in the past three years to become a stronger musician. I have auditioned and been accepted to the Connecticut Southern Region High School festival both my sophomore and junior year, and hope to be accepted senior year as well.  Along with regionals, I was accepted into the 2015 Connecticut All-State Band last year, which had been a huge goal of mine since freshman year.  I loved the experience and being around passionate musicians who could relate to my love for music.  I am the President of the Tri-M Honor Society, (which stands for Modern Music Masters), and Vice President of the band.  I play piccolo in marching band, bassoon in concert band, and saxophone in jazz band.

Besides performing and playing instruments, I enjoy listening to music.  My favorite band is Zac Brown Band, and I saw them in concert two summers ago.  John Mayer is another artist I admire for his incredible talent, and meaningful lyrics.  This past March I went to a Pentatonix concert, which is an a cappella group, meaning the five members only use their voices and bodies to make music.

To add to the time I spend in the music wing, I have been a member of the Drama Club Tech Crew for the past three years.  While I am not artistic, the team effort that goes into putting a show on is a great experience.  While “show week” and the days leading up to it are always a little stressful, the final product is very rewarding.

I am a member of both National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society.  I have worked hard to maintain my grades, while still being involved in what Foran has to offer its students.

Outside of school, I work at Rite Aid and love being with my friends.  My favorite spot is the beach, because I love the water and people watching.  I’m more of a night person, so I’m great at staying up late and sleeping in, much to my parents’ delight.  I have two older siblings, a sister and brother, and a dog, Shadow.

I can’t wait for Foran to read our best issues yet, and to start the buzz of school activities and news.  Have a great year everyone, and stay in touch with the times through The Mane Street Mirror.


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Hi! My name is Mark Duffy and I am a senior.  This is my first year on the journalism squad, and I am so pumped to write some hard-hitting articles for the paper! I love to write and I cannot wait to put my interest to good use.

I am the manager of both the boys and girls cross country teams.  Under the leadership of Coach Ramsey and Coach Jeynes, we are anticipating another great season! Everyone on the team is incredibly welcoming and it is a community to be a part of. I am also an officer of the Natural Helpers Organization alongside Lindsey Carlson, Noah Hubler, TJ Stuart, and Bobby McGinnis. This year, we plan to organize the Homecoming dance, another winter semi-formal event, and we will be an active part of the freshman advisories once again. Last year, I was inducted to both the National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society, the latter of which I was elected secretary of. Foran Innovative Thinkers and UNICEF Club are additional clubs I am proudly invested in. Outside of Foran, I am the co-president of the YMCA Youth Commission alongside Julia Gaul, and together we hope to recruit new members to help in our fight to improve the Milford community. I also am a tap, jazz, and contemporary dancer at local All That Dance, and I play violin for the Walker Strings Studio and volunteer with a trio of violinists at the West River Retirement Home.
In terms of my non-extracurricular interests, I recently picked up crocheting and I am (poorly) trying to make a blanket for myself. My cats, Cleo and Oscar, do not necessarily get along with each other, but I certainly love them equally and enjoy spending time with both of them (separately, of course). My favorite television show is Big Brother, and even though it only airs during the summer months, I fill the space between seasons by re-watching some of my favorite old seasons. Music is another important part of my life, and Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé, Fifth Harmony, Azealia Banks, Halsey, Tinashe, and Marina and the Diamonds are among my favorite artists.
History is by far my favorite academic subject, and Ms. DiGiacomo and Ms. Gilman have been great teachers that have certainly helped to spark my interest. I hope to build upon my passion for history after high school, and I prospectively plan to major in political science or economics. For the past three years, I attended the Bridgeport Aquaculture School, but it was during my junior year that I realized I actually have a strong disdain for science and I never want to work in a lab again.
On the weekends, I am a cashier at ShopRite of Milford; it can be tedious at times, but since I have worked there for over a year now, I am really hoping for a promotion … fingers crossed! Other Foran faces at ShopRite include Drew Rivera, Mackenzie Vigent, and Emily Salomone. All my wonderful co-workers really help to make my job less monotonous.
With many wonderful issues to come, I am so proud to be a part of an amazing group of students. With Ms. Farrell and Ms. Dion by our side, the paper this year will be nothing less than incredible.

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Hi, my name is Katherine Riordan and I’m a senior at Foran High School. I am the news editor of the Mane Street Mirror and have been a part of the newspaper for two years.  I am so excited to be a part of the newspaper again! This year I will be editing the “News” section of the paper and writing articles as well. I am eager to learn more about journalism and look forward to reporting interesting stories about our school!

I have been a part of the varsity cheerleading team for all four years. I was on the girls’ softball team freshman-sophomore year as well.  I’ve volunteered at Camp Happiness in Milford, CT and volunteered for Milford Operation Mainstream Softball. I also plan on volunteering for the Milford Operation Mainstream Swimming team.

I just recently got a job at the snack bar in the Milford Ice Pavilion; so feel free to come by and visit me there on the weekends! In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, catching up on all of my shows on Netflix, and grabbing smoothies from Smoothie King. I also like going to the gym and taking tumbling classes. I love watching hockey, baseball and softball. I have an older brother named Ryan and a puggle named Lucy. I know Latin and American Sign Language. My favorite singer is the Weekend. I also enjoy snacking on mozzarella sticks and pizza.

I plan on going to Quinnipiac University and double majoring in Special Education and Psychology. I would love to pursue a career of being a Special Education Administrator or an Occupational Therapist.

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Hey everyone my name is Khadija Ashfaq and I am a sophomore at Foran. This is my first year writing for the paper and I am also an editor for the school newspaper. Besides writing for the school newspaper I am also a member of Natural Helpers and will soon start my second year in Key Club.

Some of my favorite classes in school are Spanish, English, and Geometry. Besides knowing English (clearly) and learning Spanish, I am already bilingual. The second language I know is Urdu. In my free time I love to draw. For me drawing is like my go to thing to do when I am stressed, bored, or just want to relax.  Besides drawing I also love to paint as well.

Although I do not play any sports I enjoy watching and sometimes playing basketball and soccer. I am also amazing at badminton. I also love spending time with my family too. Besides spending time with family I love to travel, even though I have only been to like five places in my life. I dream of traveling the world. Besides traveling the world, I also dream of becoming a doctor.

I am really excited to be part of the school newspaper and get our student body the news they need for this school year. Hope you enjoy reading!


FullSizeRenderHello, my name is Julia Astram and I am a junior at Foran High. This is my second year taking Journalism and I am thrilled to be an editor. I will be editing the sports page in the paper and will make frequent appearances in articles throughout our writing season.

I am going to be the Captain of the Girls Lacrosse team this season. I have been playing lacrosse for a little under four years now. I have played basketball in the past 2 years and might consider doing Indoor Track for this winter sports season but I am still undecided. I sailed recreationally this summer, which was different because I used to sail competitively.

Outside of school I work at Jimmy’s Apizza. They have bought an advertisement from us last year for all issues. I definitely recommend checking out their pizza, it’s delicious! My favorite is the Danielle pizza which is buffalo chicken.  Don’t forget the blue cheese.


unnamedHey! My name is Kayleigh Paskiewicz. I’m a senior at Foran and this is my first year writing for the Mane Street Mirror. I’ve submitted one or two articles in the past, but I’m looking forward to a yearlong contribution! During the week, I work at Little White House Learning Center and as a cashier for the Parts and Services department of Milford Auto Group on the weekends.

I’m a member of Natural Helpers, F.I.T. and I’m secretary of the senior class. My favorite classes in school are U.S. History and English. In college, I plan on double majoring in communications and journalism with a minor in creative writing. With my two majors, I hope to write for magazines and with my minor I hope to one day publish a book.

Outside of school, I love running, going to the beach, reading and writing. I love listening to music and I’m looking forward to writing monthly album reviews for all of you! My favorite bands and artists include Parkway Drive, Hunter Hayes, Halsey and PVRIS. I’m also a huge movie/film and television buff. My favorite movies are Singin’ in the Rain and Unbroken. My favorite TV shows are Chicago Fire and Sons of Anarchy.  My favorite food is Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, the Tonight Dough is my favorite flavor.


Hi my name is Julia Silvestri and I’m a senior here at Foran. I’m very excited to be writing for the Mane Street Mirror this year for the first time! I’ve been a part of the Foran High School Volleyball team for 4 years. I’ve also been a part of Key Club for the past 2 years. As for outside of school, I work at the Little White House Learning Center as a day care staff member / care giver during the week, and I also work at Stonebridge as a hostess on the weekend. I love hanging out with my best friend Max (my dog) and occasionally I like to hang out with my other friends too. I also love chocolate chip pancakes, french fries, and watching Friends.

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Hi, my name is Julia Wargo, and I am currently 16 years old and a senior here at Foran High School. This is my first year being a part of the school newspaper, and I am looking forward to it. At the beginning of my junior year of high school, I quit the girls’ soccer team, but prior to that I had played soccer for 11 years. I also manage the girls’ gymnastics team and the boys’ lacrosse team for all four of my high school years. I enjoy spending time with my friends and my pets; I have two cats and one dog. In my spare time, I enjoy sleeping and watching Netflix.

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Hey my name is Juliana Tuozzola, better known as Jules, and I am a junior here at Foran. I am very excited about joining journalism and becoming a new addition to the school paper! I am a proud member of the Natural Helpers, and the Foran Girls’ swim team. I have been a part of the girls swim team for all my years here at Foran, and it is my absolute favorite thing about high school and something I take great pride in. During my off time I babysit, and I have been told by the kids that I make the best chicken nuggets in the world. Aside from being a student, swimmer, natural helper, babysitter, and the best chicken nugget maker in the world, I enjoy many things. Some of my favorite things to do include sleeping, going to the beach, shopping, and taking pictures. I’m also a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan, and huge dog/cat person.

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Hi my name is Gavrielle Figueiredo. This year is my first year in journalism writing for the paper. I’m a senior and I can’t believe how fast high school flew by. I can’t wait to go to college and meet new people and get the college experience. I’m excited to be a part of the paper and create my own pieces for the school to read. Last year I was part of a school in New Haven called ACES ECA or Educational Center for the Arts where I completed a year in the visual arts department. This summer I was part of a Boy Scout group and I become a camp counselor with my three friends. I work at Michael Anthony’s Italian restaurant where I bus tables and host. I run, draw, and hang out with friends in my free time and plan to write about food and fitness.

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Hi, my name is Eva Knudsen. I have a brother and a sister; my brother is in college and my sister started her first teaching job this year. I’m a sophomore and just joined journalism. I played volleyball last year and I am playing this year on our JV team. I also played lacrosse and started for varsity as a freshman.  I have been playing lacrosse for 6 years and there are more to come! I enjoy watching Netflix, shopping, and playing with my dog, Teddy.

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Hi, my name is Shea Phelan. I am a sophomore at Foran High School and just joined journalism this year. I am a part of the girls’ swim team as a 2 year returning swimmer. I started lacrosse here at Foran last year as a freshman goalie that started varsity, and have been playing for 2 years and counting. I am a lifeguard for the city of West Haven and really enjoy interacting with the parents and kids. I hope to mainly write about sports and entertainment this year. When I’m not in school, I enjoy cuddling with my cat, taking naps, and hanging out with my friends.

IMG_8594Hi everyone, I’m Hannah Buckley; a senior and first year writer for the Mane Street Mirror.  I’m captain of the swim team and also participate in outdoor track and field and managing boys swimming. I spend my winters swimming for a rec team out of West Haven, and enjoying long nights watching Netflix.  I’m a member of the French Club as well. I hostess at a seafood restaurant in Woodmont, called Scribner’s. In my free time, what little I have, I enjoy relaxing and going out with my friends. I’m looking forward to having fun during my last year here at Foran!


Hi! My name is Jessica Lavallee and I am senior this year. This is my first year Displaying IMG_6928.JPGwriting for the Mane Street Mirror and I’m so excited to join my fellow classmates in creating the school newspaper. I’ve been a part of the Foran girls swimming and diving team for two years and the Foran gymnastics team for four years. I’m so lucky to have been named captain this year and I’m so pumped for our season this year. I also manage boys’ lacrosse team and have been doing it for four years. I live in a family of 8 with three brothers and two sisters. I love going to the beach and wish it could be summer all the time.

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My name is Emily Harrison! I’m a senior, and this is my first year in Journalism.  I’m looking forward to participating in writing for the Mane Street Mirror! During my high school career, I have become a more experienced and talented musician through my participation with the Foran Choir and Advanced Vocal Ensemble. Outside of school, I participate in the Elm City Girls’ Choir in the mentor division. I have two younger siblings at home, my 15 year old sister is a sophomore here and her name is Ellie, and my 11 year old brother is a sixth grader at Harborside Middle School and his name is Billy. Outside of school, I enjoy going to Watch Hill, RI and spending time with my friends. I also have a job at American Eagle Outfitters, and when I’m not working I am at rehearsal for choir at one location in Connecticut or another.


Copy of IMG_1054[1]Hi, I’m Wyatt Johnson! I’m the cartoonist for the Mane Street Mirror and I play the Euphonium in the Foran Band. I also work at Target (yes, the one in the mall). In my spare time, my friends and I stand on each others shoulders, don a trench coat, and act as CEO of an important Entertainment Corporation. Try to guess which one!

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Hello! My name is Joel Kozek and I am a senior here at Joseph A Foran High School. In my spare time I volunteer at Yale-New Haven Hospital and I even meet Nelson Delgado. I am an avid sports fan and watch all the major sports. I am very involved in the fantasy sports community and love to give advice about them. My favorite type of music is played on the daxophone and the fluba.



Hi, my name is Madison Whitaker and I am a writer for the school’s newspaper. I am a senior at Foran High School, but just thinking about how I am graduating this year is insane! Feels like just yesterday, I was entering this school as a freshman. I also still can’t believe that I will be going to college in one year! I am in the choir here at Foran and have been in it since my freshman year. I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing with my little dog Brooklyn who is a Morkie (half Maltese, half Yorkie)! I also enjoy going on long walks and photography. Another little fun fact about me is I really enjoy animals and I will like to be a veterinary technician one day.



Hi, my name is Shannon Flynn and this is my first year taking journalism. I am 15 years old, and a sophomore at Foran High school. I am about to start my second year playing for Foran’s  girls soccer team. In school I enjoy my US history class and my Spanish class because I love learning new things. This year I am also starting my first year as a Natural Helper and this will be my second year being a member of Key club. In addition over this summer I spent my time playing soccer, and volunteering for my church’s mission trip in Jamaica, Queens in New York.


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Hi, my name is Reilee Barron, I am 17, and a senior this year. I have always enjoyed writing, and a spot in journalism is an ideal place to do just that. It will be an interesting way to stay connected with what is going on around Foran, and what is going on around the world. I have a few different jobs that I am involved in. I work at Cartwheels ETC. as a gymnastics coach for many age groups. I became interested in coaching after doing gymnastics for 14 years; 13 competitive years at a gym, and competitively for one year with the Foran team. I also babysit for three families. I really enjoy working with kids. I also have two cats, Boots and Rocky. I often visit Block Island, Rhode Island in the summer with my family. It’s one of our favorite places to go. I am really excited to contribute what I can to the Mane Street Mirror, and I look forward to a fun and successful year!

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Hi my name is Victor Rosado; I am the senior class president at Foran high school. This is my first year in journalism and hope to have a great experience in it. I look forward to writing for the paper and talking about realistic and applicable topics for the students of Foran. This is my second year at Foran, I am president of Youth and Government club, vice president of Bible club, involved in Model UN and of course student’s government. I love to serve my fellow peers in any way possible.

Outside of school I intern for Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro at her district office in downtown New Haven. During my free time I like to go exercise, read books, play with my snake and hangout with my girlfriend.

For college I’m looking to receive an admission into United States Military Academy at West Point. I have been striving to get a nomination from one of my senators and congresswoman, it would be an honor for me to attend the academy and serve my country as a second lieutenant officer in the military. With this journal I plan to write about political events, food, fitness, and current events.


photoBy Max Jerue, Editor In-Chief

When the Mane Street Mirror was reincarnated during the 2013-2014 school year, newly minted Journalism teacher, Mrs. Farrell, hoped it would become a relevant, reliable news forum.

The news team, which was – and still is – quite small, worked to the best of its ability to produce local and worldwide news reports, with the staff – and I – attempting to successfully ensure relevance. Moreover, this feat was accomplished by writing stories concerning exciting sporting events; detailing the plethora of intriguing clubs; and by providing opinions and news coverage of worldwide events, such as the Boston Marathon bombing.
The newsstand in the media center provided information that told the writing staff and me something important: the newspaper was being read, and at a rate higher than expected. So, the obvious action was to print more copies of the paper; the demand was there, so we supplied.
The process of creating a paper continued throughout the school year: ideas were produced; stories were written and subsequently edited; stories and images were placed; and finally the paper went off to print. That was last year.
This year, this process remains quite the same, although the news staff and I realized the timeliest information wasn’t reaching the students. This paper isn’t the daily New York Times or Wall Street Journal; our paper collects vital information and releases it once a month. Therefore, after intense brainstorming, an idea sprang up: use the limitless power of the internet to funnel information directly to Foran High School students. The internet is a quick, efficient means of communication, bridging the gap between a month long waiting period and a student’s hunger for information. The answer was that easy. Technology is quite useful, yes?
Yes. That means that this year Foran’s school newspaper will not only be available in print, but it will also be available online.
Whether a student reads the words on his or her mobile device, computer, or in the tangible copy of the newspaper, the contents are generally the same.
Coverage of Foran’s sporting events is thoroughly detailed, filled to the brim with quotes and statistics. Fall captain interviews and previews are commonplace. Last year, this was our most popular section.
Also, news stories relevant to the school community are provided, which gives insight on topics such as new teachers or policy implementations.
Worldwide news is important because it connects the Foran community with outside happenings, things that may affect a student’s life in
the future. Being worldly is essential in this day and age, with tumultuous everyday occurrences threatening world peace – and Democracy at that.
Reviews of movies, music, and apps make up the Entertainment section, very fun, indeed.
Creativity flows through the Columns section. This year, two new columns are being introduced: Journaling with Jen, which involves our lovely editor Jenny Weissauer giving her intellectual insights on a multitude of issues; and Music with Max, which is a weekly discussion of the music I am currently listening to – my Soundcloud is quite epic, sources that requested anonymity said. The latter column will almost always be exclusively online.
The Mane Street Mirror Twitter account can be found by looking up the Twitter username @ManeStMirror. The crisp, beautiful new website can be found at the following website URL:
All in all we hope for a successful school year, one filled with intellectual pursuit of the next big story. Glory and fame is good, but providing competent students with a vat of essential information is the most fulfilling.

My name is Max Jerue – Maxwell if formalities are concerned – and I am the editor-in-chief of the Mane Street Mirror. I have a pension for writing, be it informal or formal; I prefer the former. I am also a very down to earth senior.

Being part of the paper is my main activity in school, with my job taking a large chunk of time away from any sporting ventures.

I often enjoy reading the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, with the business sections of the latter making absolutely no sense. I read it because it consumes more than half of the content of the paper and, if I don’t examine it, a tingling sensation starts to consume my body.

I also love to peruse The New York Review of Books because the tone and sophisticated syntax make me feel more intelligent. The big words add to my non-existing grandiloquence, while causal, satirical vocabulary litters my actual vernacular. The Soul of the Censor by Robert Darnton was a fine piece that kept my attention.

Foraying into the realm of music is another pastime, although I have no real experience in musical composition. I am quite open to different kinds of music –country and dubstep are downright monotonous, though.

Moreover, my all-time favorite musical genre is hip-hop.  One may say that hip-hop emits misogyny and glorifies drugs and violence. While this may be apparent on the cusp of a composition, one must look deeper into a piece. Usually, a rapper, a spoken poet, exemplifies his or her ideas or hardships through verse, primarily accompanied by a beat. My favorite artists are as follows: Gucci Mane, Yung Lean, Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West, and Earl Sweatshirt. Yung Lean makes me sad though; I often cannot bear to listen to his downright depressing banter.

Besides music, I enjoy the presence of my cats, myself, a BAPE hoodie, and a cup of hot coffee.


IMG_2295We are Drew Lenz and Jenny Weissauer! We are both seniors at Foran and serve as editors for the school’s newspaper The Mane Street Mirror. We thoroughly enjoy writing and editing for the paper and providing students and faculty with a student-run newspaper.

I, Drew Lenz, played various sports throughout my high school career. I was on the boys’ soccer team freshman-junior year, lacrosse team my freshman year and have played tennis for the past two years. I have collaborated with Mrs. Dooley as well as other students at Foran to organize the Literary Arts Society where we will be publishing a Literary Arts magazine showcasing student-produced work. This year I was inducted to the Spanish National Honor Society.

I, Jen, have been a part of the Foran Girl’s swim team all four years and serve as captain this year along with Amanda Roma and Corissa Masciana. In addition to swim, I have played softball for the past three years where I have made long-lasting friendships.  I have a cute black lab named Maddie and enjoy taking long walks around the neighborhood.  I have an older brother who graduated last year and now attends Muhlenberg College where he plays football and studies accounting. My younger sister, Mae, is 11 and goes to East Shore Middle School.

We are both officers of the Natural Helpers and have been in the club ever since freshman year. We have put a lot of time and commitment to this club and have transformed it into an organization that students are looking forward to join. Along with our other officers, Ant Raccio, Shaina Arsenault and Sal Tuozzola, we organize Homecoming every year and volunteer tirelessly, along with the other members, within the Foran and Milford community.

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with friends and playing with my dog. Whenever I have free time I like to play tennis at the park or drive around aimlessly to different locations in Milford. I have a passion for learning languages and am concurrently learning Italian and Spanish. I will be spending one week in Italy next year with Ms. Uchaczyk where my Italian skills will be put to the test! I love to travel (although only a senior in high school, my lack of millions of dollars hinders my ability to travel abroad) and have gone to France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in April in 2012 also with Ms. Uchaczyk. I am looking to major in International Relations and Affairs in college and minor in Spanish with the dream of working for the United Nations and being a Foreign Service Officer.

Drew and I are both looking forward to a great year of Journalism and many riveting issues to come! Make sure you check out Drew’s monthly college column with tips as far as applying, deciding, and getting ready. Also check out my column Journalin’ with Jen with monthly tips on life.  Here’s to a great year!

Hi, my name is Aley Phelan; I am a senior here at Foran High School. I participate in Natural Helpers and ran for cross country my freshman and sophomore year and managed my junior year. Now I work at “The Lovet Shop,” a women’s clothing store in downtown Milford, and I “lovet.”  I spend time volunteering at my church and at the school. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading magazines, and shopping!



Hi my naIMG_2287me is Amber Frank, I’m a new writer for the paper this year. Hope everyone loves the new content! I’m a senior at Foran, it’s so crazy to think my high school career is almost over but I can’t wait to start a new and exciting future. I was a part of the girls swim team my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. I’ve also been a part of the Natural Helpers at Foran for the past four years and am currently the Vice President of the Youth and Government Club. I’m also Vice President of the Milford Young Women’s Club Volunteer Organization and have been a member since 8th grade. I’m currently working at JFK elementary school as an aftercare teacher. I started working there last year and it’s so much fun working with all the kids. Some other interests would be cats, Netflix and chocolate but not necessarily in that order.

IMG_2286Hi my name is Jacqueline Fernous, I am a senior at Foran and a brand new edition to the school’s newspaper. I am involved in many activities throughout the Milford community. I have been a part of Milford Young Women’s Club Volunteer Organization since 7th grade and am now President. I have also taken part in Natural Helpers since freshman year. I have recently started a new job at JFK Elementary school as an aftercare teacher. I love working with children so it will prepare me for future careers. Aside from volunteering and working with children, I enjoy spending time with friends and family and the occasional binge of Netflix shows on the weekend.

IMG_2291Hey, my name is Paige Kissinger. I transferred to Foran High School for my senior year. I spent the past three years at Cooperative Arts and Humanities Magnet High School. This is my first year being involved with a school newspaper. I like to rollerblade whenever I’m not drawing or watching movies on Netflix. I’m interested in filming, mass media and operating cameras.


IMG_2333My name is Dylan DeStefano. I am a senior at Foran and I am very involved in athletics. I play golf for the golf team and I going to start and letter varsity for my fourth straight year on the team. I am a member of Youth & Government club and I have very strong political beliefs. I won the badminton tournament junior year with my partner Bill Chase. I plan on going to college in the south to become a Professional Golfer and become a teaching Professional at a Pro-shop of a golf course.

IMG_2334Hi my name is Marykate Fallon or more commonly known as Murkati F-Baby. I am a senior at Foran and a brand new member of the Mane Street Mirror. I have managed the Foran Girls Volleyball team for the past two years and I am a member of the Lion Pride club. I got my first job over the summer at SBC and highly enjoy working there. I love spending time with my puppy, Sadie, who turned one on July 8. She is half Labrador retriever and half Golden Retriever. I am an avid Boston Red Sox fan and love going to baseball games with my friends and family. In my spare time, I like jammin’ to rap music and reading books about JFK.

IMG_2288My name is Priyanka and I’m a senior at Foran High School. I am the captain of the girls’ cross country team and the manager of the girls’ basketball and softball teams. I work as a teacher at the New England School of Montessori over the summer, and work with children ages 18 months to 8 years old. I enjoy watching movies, hanging out with my friends and family, and shopping.


Hey my name is Alexandra Tobin, better known as Alex. I’m 17 years old and I am a senior. I work at the Sundae House in Milford and Indulgence Tanning Salon in West Haven.  I am in the Foran Pride Club and I am also involved with Yearbook. Outside of school I enjoy Shopping, watching Netflix, and hanging out with my friends.



IMG_2293Hi, fellow readers. I am Savannah, a senior at Foran High School, who is a staff writer and one of the cartoonists for the Mane Street Mirror. This is my first year being a part of the school newspaper and I hope to mainly focus on entertainment and the arts. I have been horseback riding and skiing since I was young. My interests range but I do like learning languages, taking pictures, hanging out with my dogs, and listening to music.


IMG_2290I’m Julia Astram. I am the only sophomore in Journalism at Foran High School. I am an avid sailor and lacrosse player. I have been playing lacrosse for three years now, and I have been sailing for over five years. I also work at Jimmy’s Apizza throughout the year. I am very interested in writing about sports events and entertainment.




Hi, my nIMG_2292ame is Katherine Riordan and I’m a junior at Foran High School. I participate in softball and cheerleading. I worked at Camp Happiness over the summer and had a great experience interacting with the kids. I enjoy watching Netflix, watching sports (especially hockey and baseball), and hanging out with my friends. I am an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox and my role model is David Ortiz. I’m also a loyal and dedicated customer to Chipotle.


IMG_2296Hi, my name is Hanna Birenbaum! I am a senior here at Foran. I’m a proud member of Natural Helpers, BEAST club, Unified Sports, WAVE mentor program, and the girls swim team. I work on the weekends as a hostess at Sloppy Jose’s. In my free time I enjoy reading, spending time with family and friends, spending time outdoors, and listening to music. My favorite artists are The Weeknd, ScHoolboy Q, Marian Hill, Kanye West, Drake, Lana Del Rey and Lorde. My favorite movies are Fight Club, Inception, and Rugrats in Paris. I love to snack on Mt. Dew and Pizza. I hope you enjoy the paper! Xox

Hello, my name is Michael Bakx, I am 16 years old and a junior here at Joseph A. Foran High School. I am the newest addition to The Mane Street Mirror’s staff. Last year I was part of Foran’s Wrestling team. This past summer I got a job at the Woodruff family YMCA as a camp counselor. During this school year I am working as an afterschool teacher at Live Oaks Elementary School – I work with children from Kindergarten to 2nd grade. In my free time I enjoy going to the gym and hanging out with my friends. After graduating high school I plan on joining the Air National Guard and going to Arizona State University for college to major in business.


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