Lady Gaga Tops Charts with her Fourth No. 1 album ‘Joanne’


Lady Gaga’s Joanne album cover. Photo courtesy of

Juliana Tuozzola


‘Mother Monster’ smashes the Billboard 200 chart with her fourth number 1 album Joanne. It is the fifth studio album recorded by Lady Gaga. Gaga’s full album was released on October 21, 2016 through Streamline/Interscope Records. Gaga revealed that she wanted to take a more organic approach when crafting Joanne, which became clear since it is claimed to be radically distinct from this New Yorker’s usual electric-pop music which captivated her fame nearly a decade ago.

The inspiration behind the album’s title and emotional vibe stems from Gaga’s late aunt Joanne Germanotta. Gaga not only dedicated this album to her beloved and late aunt, but she also had her name ‘Joanne’ tattooed on her forearm. Gaga is infamous for getting a tattoo to resemble each album she produces. In addition, she recently got a tattoo of David Bowie as an honorable tribute to the passed singer and icon.

According to, “The set earned 201,000 equivalent album units — a better than expected start.”  Junior Natasha Mora provides her personal feedback on this new Gaga album which is currently soaring with success. Mora says, “Joanne is different from Gaga’s other albums- but I absolutely love it. It shows her growth as an artist and while there are still pop-jams such as John Wayne and A-YO, the album contains mostly emotional songs that bring forth elements such as girl power and social consciences of equality and civil rights.”

Senior Rochelle Holness discusses her take on Gaga’s songs which portray the theme of girl power and the importance of supporting girls and women. Holness says, “I have not listened to the entire album but I have heard the songs Hey Girl and Grigio Girls and I appreciate how the song’s lyrics relay the message of supporting one another and how we need to lift girls up rather than tear them down.” Holness also says, “Grigio Girls reminds me of hanging out with my girlfriends and being in good spirits.”

Lady Gaga is not only seen in the limelight and performing on stage, but she is also seen within the community as a social rights activist. Gaga spoke at a vigil held for victims of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, and was photographed shedding tears for the victims while mourning with the LGBTQ community. Gaga’s track Angel Down on her new album is centered upon Trayvon Martin’s death with the purpose of bringing awareness to the epidemic of African American deaths. Gaga spoke about this emotional song saying,

“[There is an] epidemic of young African Americans being murdered in this country. I was overwhelmed by the fact that people just stood around and didn’t do anything about it, and that the justice system continues to, over and over again, not seek justice for these families.”

Gaga continues on this point stating, “I can only hope my voice and the lyrics will reach people.”