What Time Is It?

Olivia Ouellette

Staff Writer


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Be sure to check out the school production of High School Musical in March and see all your favorite characters come to life.  

It’s that time of the year again, the time everyone has been waiting for, ITS DRAMA SEASON. This year the Foran Drama Club is putting on the production everyone has been waiting for… High School Musical. With the rights being bought, Ms. Voss is excited to start practicing on the stage and get towards the final showing to the school community. Auditions took place on October 26th. In a regular audition you are required to sing a song from the play and then recite a scene to Ms. Voss and Mrs. Shearer. After all the auditions are finished Ms. Voss and Mrs. Shearer decide who will have what role. But, even if you do not receive a lead you are still a vital part to the final production. Practices take four days a week.  However, once the production week  begins  to approach  the practices become more demanding and attendance is necessary. This is only because the advisors and cast want to put on the best show for you, the Foran School Community. Mrs. Shearer one of the head advisors of the club states “Our students are amazing, and we put on an amazing  student production year after year, everyone in Milford should be aware of how great it is.” The production takes place on March 2nd and March 3rd with a total of three showings. Seasoned drama member Devon Verma who will be playing Coach Bolton this year says “We have a lot of talented people and it is a very lovely show.” Remember stick to the status quo, and join the community in support of the Foran Drama Club in March.