10 New Year Resolutions That Will Make Your New Year Better

By: Jessica Wolfe

Staff Writer

If you are like most Americans, you wake up January 1st with a goal set for the new year. Sometimes this goal can be hard to think of. Many people settle on the most common New Year resolutions like loose weight or eat healthy but here’s a few resolution ideas to start the New Year on the right foot that you may not have thought of.

  1. Keep a calendar – Keeping a calendar is a inexpensive way to promote organization and lower stress.
  2. Stop procrastinating – Many people struggle with procrastinating. By pushing past the urge to delay because of laziness will get important tasks done quicker and relieve anxiety.
  3. Become more polite – It’s as simple as saying please and thank you. Being polite will set the right impression on people and overall make you feel better.
  4. Volunteer – Volunteering is a good way to help your community and get out of the house.
  5. Declutter – Taking 20 minutes out of your day to declutter an area in your house is a good way to be productive and clean up your living area.
  6. Donate– Donating old belongings is a good way to contribute to the community without spending any money. There is no point in having items in your house that are never used. Donating items will give them a second home and help someone out.
  7. Keep a journal- Keeping a journal helps with organization and gives you a place to express your thoughts and feelings.
  8. Go to bed on time- Getting the right amount of sleep each night will benefit your health and get you into a routine
  9. Skin care- Having a good skin care is a vital step in keeping up with your personal hygiene.
  10. Learn to cook– Learning to cook is a good way to become more independent and provide yourself with delicious foods. It’s also a good pastime and hobby.  
Staying organized is a priority for busy students. Photo taken January 2, 2019