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Working together for Women: Social Studies Department wears purple for International Womens Day, March 7, 2023.

Unbreakable Bonds

Teacher Connections With Co-workers
Isabella Tomac and Kelsey Kiely | May 4, 2023

          Over the years of teaching, Foran teachers have created bonds with each other in many ways. Teachers are usually closer to other teachers in their department because they are able to talk more, and are in the same halls,  allowing for easier communication. There are many benefits of teachers...

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Savin Rock Then: Photograph inside of Jimmy’s restaurant of the park and what it used to look like.

The Story of Savin Rock

A Park Long Forgotten
Azam Hostetler, Staff Writer | November 20, 2021

     Imagine walking down a brightly lit street, sounds from amusement rides and the roar of roller coasters echoing all around, the breeze of the summer night, people having fun and the smell of fried foods and cotton candy.       Today, Savin Rock Park in West Haven, CT is a nice place to...

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Picture of Dylan Fernandez during his home visit.

Senior Home Visit Pictures

Lisa Farrell, Teacher | June 10, 2020

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Mr.Berkowitz addressing the senior class.

Senior Video

Alex Conte, Staff Writer | June 10, 2020

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Lauren Nieman and Corina Massey

Senior Friendships

Isabella McPadden, Staff Writer | June 10, 2020

Lauren Nieman and Corina Massey Nieman says, “We first became friends in first grade at Orchard Hills. We have been friends for 10-11 years. My favorite memory is when Corina and I went to North Carolina over the summer of 2018. I will be attending the University of Tampa in Florida and Corina will...

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Sibling Messages to Seniors

May 22, 2020

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Matthew Wootton will be attending Eastern Connecticut State University, majoring in criminology.

Foran Baseball Players Continuing to Play Through College

Jess Sanders, Staff Writer | May 6, 2020

       Since spring athletes have had to put a hold on their season and maybe for good, some athletes still have a chance to play again in college. Three Foran baseball players have decided to continue their seasons in college.         Jason Giambra will be attending the University of Bridgeport...

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Jenna Chichowski holding a starfish at Anchor beach in Woodmont. Photo courtesy of Jenna Chichowski.

Starfish on the Beaches

Annabelle Farrell, Staff Writer | April 20, 2020

        On Monday, April 13, Milford experienced their first large rainstorm of April. With the storm and the spread of the Coronavirus, many residents saw this as a troubled time. Yet to their happy surprise, what they didn’t expect was that all the waves crashing meant that there would be starfish...

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Senior Kalyn Cocchia’s tie-dyed tank top. Photo courtesy of Kalyn Cocchia.

Trendy Tie-Dying

Amanda Queiroz, Staff Writer | April 16, 2020

       As time at home drags on, people are looking for new activities to keep them busy. Tie-dying clothes is a great way to change up your wardrobe and keep yourself and family occupied during the days of quarantine.         The fun thing about tie-dye is that there is not a right or wrong...

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How To: Work From Home

How To: Work From Home

Zoe Pringle, Staff Writer | April 16, 2020

       The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting shut down of society has forced the closure of schools and universities across the nation, including Joseph A. Foran High. Yet during this time of chaos and uncertainty, it is imperative that high school students keep a structured life as we navigate online...

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 Mr. Kelly The Adrenaline Junkie: keeping a fit lifestyle through obstacle course training

Keeping Up With Mr. Kelly

April 15, 2020

Aliya Prosser Staff Writer       When you think of your typical math teacher, you may think of the intelligent, firm, and critical person that delivers complex lessons for each class. Behind those bright individuals are people with stories and experiences that you may not even think of. Mr....

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Milford firefighters battle on the scene. Photo courtesy of Milford firefighter Facebook.

Community Heroes Springing into Action

The Milford Fire Department
Alex Conte, Staff Writer | March 27, 2020

        The Milford Fire Department plays such a vital role in our community. Whether it’s responding to calls or holding community events, they are always doing something to benefit the citizens of Milford. At a moment's notice, they’re ready to spring into action when duty calls.      ...

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