Foran Baseball Players Continuing to Play Through College


Matthew Wootton will be attending Eastern Connecticut State University, majoring in criminology.

Jess Sanders, Staff Writer

       Since spring athletes have had to put a hold on their season and maybe for good, some athletes still have a chance to play again in college. Three Foran baseball players have decided to continue their seasons in college. 

       Jason Giambra will be attending the University of Bridgeport in the fall. He will be majoring in business administration with focuses in accounting and finance. “ I love the game, and want to keep playing for as long as I can especially at a higher level.” He has been playing baseball since he was little and has always loved the competition. “ I can’t wait to play alongside new teammates, I’m also looking forward to playing with my brother and friend Shane McCone, once again.” 

       Tyler Griffin, one of the starting lefty pitchers at Foran, will be playing at Trinity College in the fall. Griffin plans on majoring in Economics. “ I decided to play baseball in college because it has always been a dream of mine ever since I was little. To have the opportunity to go to a great school and to continue playing the game that I have always loved was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up”. Griffin is looking forward to making more life long friends and earning the chance to compete on a very good team at the collegiate level. 

       It’s hard for these seniors to think that their last season is being taken away from them, with all the possibilities and chances they could have had. But even with this last high school season coming to an end, they still have the hope and excitement of being able to play for another four years. 

       The last senior that is continuing to play in college is Matthew Wootton. He will be attending Eastern Connecticut State University in the fall, majoring in criminology. “ I decided to keep playing baseball because I have been playing ever since I was 5 or 6, and the sport is just part of who I am and can’t imagine not playing.” Wootton can’t wait to build a new family with the team and get close to the players and coaches. “One thing that is great about the teams I’ve played on is how close the players were”. 

       We wish the best of luck to them and everyone else that is continuing to play in college, and to the seniors that will not be continuing, and hope they have an amazing college experience. 

Tyler Griffin will be attending Trinity College, majoring in economics.
Jason Giambra will be attending the University of Bridgeport, majoring in business administration.