¡Holá Señora Sheppard!


Sheppard smiling when talking with a student.

Annabelle Farrell

Staff writer

Mrs. Pamela Sheppard is a Spanish teacher here at Joseph A. Foran High School, and has been for years. She teaches freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to love the spanish culture as much as she does. As soon as students walk in the door she fists bumps every single one and asks ¿comó estás? Señora Sheppard teaches vocabulary but she also teaches about the Spanish culture. With her cultura diaria every day before class begins that focuses around a specific Spanish speaking country. From this, students learn about new geographical locations, languages, and wildlife. With Mrs. Sheppard, students feel welcomed and learn about the Spanish culture.

Sheppard fist bumping sophomore student, Destiny Abed and asking ¿comó estás?
Sheppard holding up the Mexican flag during her Cultura Diaria.
Sheppard teaching about the world.