Summer Traveling; Out and On the Move


Pictured above is photo of palm trees in a popular vacation spot in the summertime, the Bahamas.

Abby Licata and Ava Haig

Staff Writer and Editor-in-Chief

School is coming to an end at Joseph A. Foran High School, which means summertime fun is soon to come. Throughout the summer many families and students travel all around the world for vacations. Some vacations are to see long distance family or some are to just have a good time and explore the world. Many students go to very different spots which make every family unique.

Some students do not travel and long to have a good time with each other and family. Some might even go to the next state over. Senior, Kayley Henderson, is going on vacation this upcoming summer to Long Island, “I’m going to Long Island this summer with my family to the Hamptons in New York. One of my really close family friends grew up there and wants us to come for a weekend trip. My family usually goes on vacation to North Carolina. However, this year we decided to go on a girls trip to the Hamptons.”

Friends also take trips together on vacation go celebrate another year done. Senior, Carley Malota, is going on a trip with her friends to Pennsylvania. Malota states, “My friends and I got a cabin for a week on a lake in Pennsylvania. It is around many attractions that we will visit such as Hershey Park and Great Wolf Lodge. I am excited to celebrate us graduating this year.”

Senior, Izzy Connelly, will be going on another exciting trip with her family. “Each year, my family and I go to Stone Harbor in New Jersey. This area is fun and has tons of cute locations for photos including the beach, restaurants, and shops. I love going here, and always coming back tan!”, says Connelly. This location has become somewhat like a tradition for her family.

Senior, Jeunne Mariano, is also going on vacation, “I am going on vacation to San Diego with my friends and we are doing it as an end of the year celebration.”

In conclusion, no matter where you go this summer, be sure to make the most of it. Whether you’re staying at home, or traveling far, there’s always fun things to do with your summer. The summer is a great time to try something new, prepare for the future, or just relax! Enjoy your summer vacation, Foran!