Have the Power Tech Stars Fix Your Cars!

Jenny Weissauer

Columns Editor

Ever wonder what’s wrong with your car brakes? Or how to change your oil? Take a trip down to tech hall and find out! I had the pleasure of observing a Power-Tech class and learning so much about great classes this school has to offer. Mr. Domeracki, a previous mechanic of 24 years, teaches students lifelong skills regarding auto mechanics.

There are three Power-Tech classes available including Power-Tech I, II, and III. Power-Tech one mainly focuses on an introduction to a small engine. Power tech II introduces the brakes, while Power-Tech III is a hands on experience fixing brakes and working with different parts of the car.

I sat in on period 5 Power- Tech III class and learned so much. Seniors Alex Russo and Mike Duhaime said in class they do various things that can range from oil changes, fixing brakes, and check fluid. Teaching repairs on suspensions and brake lines is definitely key because many of them become rottened from road salt and become unsafe.

“A productive mess,” as Mr. Domeracki describes his classroom. The students are busy and clearly work very hard at their jobs. Learning how to fix up your car in Power Tech III is very productive considering you can save you a lot of money! You can save money instead of having to go to a mechanic and pay hundreds of dollars for repairs.

In our power tech classes students fix up their own cars, as well as the options is open to all Foranpower tech 5 teachers and students. English teacher Mrs. DeFonzo had her car worked on a few time.  She has had her oil changed and some work done on her windshield wipers. DeFonzo says, “They took really good care of my car and were very careful. They give you your keys back at the end of the day and the price is very good. If there is ever a problem you can always go back!”

I highly suggest looking into Power Tech classes. It is a great way to get some very helpful and resourceful information under your belt! So, check it out and head down to tech hall today.