The Upcoming Annual Thanksgiving Football Game


Senior quarterback Andrew Janik, looking down field for his receivers.

Maddie DeBiase

Sarah Casey

Staff Writers 

        Rival high schools, Law and Foran, start to prepare for the annual Thanksgiving football game. Since these high schools are such big opponents, the game is very competitive and people all around Milford come to watch. 

        Due to the location change each year, this year’s game will take place at Jonathan Law High School at 10:30am on November 28. Because this game is such a popular event it comes with a lot of preparation for both our athletes, band, and parents. 

        Ben Geier, a junior on the team, says, “Preparing for this game means working harder in practice and making sure everyone is focused.” The pressure that comes with facing a rival school can have a huge impact on the players. Staying focused and adapting to the pressure can be a key component to playing well. The annual game is considered the biggest of the year in terms of winning and publicity. Geier also says, “ The community comes together on Thanksgiving and everyone goes to the game to watch football.”  

        In addition ,Tony Pasha, a senior on the varsity team, says the game being on Thanksgiving impacts him because, “We get to play in front of everyone and it is usually the most packed game of the year.” A lot of people enjoy coming to this event because the competition between the two rivals allows for an intense game every year. Nik Cruciani , a junior on Foran football , says “ The game being on Thanksgiving impacts me because the food tastes better if we win, which pushes us to play harder.” 

        Foran’s head varsity football coach, Tom Drew also talks about the importance of this big rival game. Drew explains, “What makes this game so special is the connection that these kids have off of the field.  There is a mutual respect between the two schools because playing the sport of football is not easy, not everyone is willing to make the sacrifice to play a sport that is so taxing both physically and mentally.  These two teams work so hard all year and everything sort of culminates on Thanksgiving morning. Not many towns in the state can match the pageantry and tradition of the Foan/Law game.”  

        To add to the excitement of the game, Foran’s marching band, lead by Jessica Turner, performes. Turner states,  “The Thanksgiving Day Game performance is the highlight of our marching season. It is always an energetic performance due to the large crowd, our amazing student section, and the band alumni that turn out.  As much as people think of the day being about rivalry, I think its about pride…both Lion Pride but also Milford Pride. Our students work so hard to represent Foran at the highest level.”

        Everyone is able to gather on a holiday with their friends, and then also get to spend time with your family after the game. The game is not only a popular event for the adults in the community, but the students as well. Junior at Foran, Connor Elson says that, “I like how almost everyone in the town comes down to support both teams. This is my favorite game of whole year.”  The game being on Thanksgiving makes the game so much more meaningful because it’s a day to be grateful and that is shown throughout the whole community attending the game.