The Most Exciting Movies of 2020

Renzo Silvo and Daniel Abate, Staff Writers

    The year 2020 will bring many new movies that students should look forward to watching. There are over 100 new movies releasing this year at the movie theaters and on streaming services, including Netflix and Disney +.

    There are a lot of popular movies coming out this year, including The Invisible Man, Bloodshot, A Quiet Place Part II, Black Widow, Scoob!, Fast and Furious 9, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, Halloween Kills, The Christmas Chronicles II, Venom II, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Wonder Woman 1984.

    Spanish teacher, Mrs. Jaime Annuzziata shared her thoughts on the new and upcoming movies that she is excited to watch, saying, “I am looking forward to seeing Onward, the New Mutants, Peter Rabbit 2, Black Widow, The Eternals, Halloween Kills, and The Witches.” She continued, saying what types of movies are her favorite. “My favorite movies have always been romantic comedies, but ever since I was introduced to Marvel, I absolutely love them, which is why I am looking forward to seeing Black Widow and The Eternals,” she said, “I am also looking forward to watching some kid movies with my little guy. I have always been a huge RoaldDahl fan, so The Witches will be fun to watch as a remake, and I enjoy scary movies when they are not too scary, like Halloween”. 

   Junior, Theodore Stanton, gave his thoughts on the upcoming movies he’s looking forward to seeing this year. Stanton said, “I’m really excited to see a Quiet Place: Part II. I liked the whole concept of the horror apocalypse state where people had to live in silence to avoid the creatures that hunt by sound.” Stanton continued, “I can’t wait for what they have planned for this sequel, further expanding its story and hopefully it will still be as tense and scary as the first film.”

    This year, theaters around the world will offer a variety of movies to all different fan bases throughout their favorite genres, with movies being released by popular film studios and franchises, from Disney to Blumhouse productions and other big movie businesses.