Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Condon


Ms. Meghan Condon: Working at home during distance learning. Photo courtesy: Ms. Condon. January 8, 2020.

Bella Mema, Staff Writer

     Ms. Meghan Condon, an English teacher for the past seven years, is also responsible for advising the school’s yearbook and coaching the girl’s swim and dive team. 

     Many students wonder what their future careers may entail, but not Condon. She has known since high school that she wanted to teach. 

     Inspired by her own English teachers in high school, her family, who are all in “helping” fields, and her love of literature, teaching was a natural career to pursue. 

     Condon teaches Freshman English, AP English Language and Composition, spends time in the literacy center, and advises the school’s yearbook, which will highlight this year’s school experience. 

     She says, “We see it as a history book for students to look back on and remember 20 years from now when students will have forgotten what high school was like.”

     Condon also co-coaches the school’s girls swim and dive team, which holds a special place in her heart, having swam herself in college. 

     Mrs. Shauna Newall, Condon’s co-coach and fellow teacher in the English department, notes Condon’s enthusiasm toward everything she does, “Ms. Condon is always so happy and willing to help those around her. No matter what is going on, she will take time to listen to her students and coworkers and help them in any way that they may need.” 

     Despite the several roles Condon takes on in the Foran community, she does not have a favorite class to teach because they are all different. With the pandemic, there have been changes to the way students learn, and, consequently, the way teachers teach. 

     Condon says, “I really enjoy group work and group discussion, as well as hands-on projects and assignments. Now we are totally digital and I’ve learned how to make learning more student-directed with technology.” 

     This year has certainly had a learning curve for both educators and students, including junior Arezoo Ghazagh, who, like all other students, distance-learned from the middle of November to the middle of January. 

     Ghazagh says, “Ms. Condon has had a great impact on me, even with the circumstances this year, she still finds a way to make class fun and engaging. Her energy is contagious and allows us to enjoy learning from home.”

     Condon’s students have had a definite impact on her life. She says, “They have humbled me, shaped and challenged my perspective, and watching them grow up is a really cool thing to see. To see how students have handled the current times is inspiring.” 

     Ms. Condon’s advice to her high school self is to be kinder to yourself, an important reminder to all of us, especially during these uncertain times.