2021 Winter Trends: Clothing and Accessories

Senior Maci Pastir wearing her puffer jacket, and Carhartt beanie on a cold winter day. Photo courtesy of Maci Pastir, January 19, 2021.

Senior Maci Pastir wearing her puffer jacket, and Carhartt beanie on a cold winter day. Photo courtesy of Maci Pastir, January 19, 2021.

Samantha Lambert, Staff Writer

     This winter many clothing trends have surfaced the web and teens are trying to keep up with what’s popular now. Each year new things are in style, or old trends become popular again. A common problem however, is the price tag.

     Clothing and accessories tend to rise in price when they are in higher demand. Once something is trendy, it’s sometimes nearly impossible to get your hands on it. This winter some of the most popular clothing trends include Dr. Martens, and puffer jackets.

     Dr. Martens Classic Boots are a staple shoe for most people’s closet. They come in a variety of colors, most popular being black and white. The price tag on these boots is about 150 dollars. Although they are pricey, many say they are worth the money. Senior, Amaya Bernal says, “I got Dr. Martens for christmas and I’m so glad I did because they are such a comfortable shoe, and can go with any outfit great.” 

     Puffer jackets have made their way back in style this season. Everyone is trying to get their hands on a North Face Puffer, but the price is what scares most away. According to The North Face website, a 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket, the most popular style, weighs in on about 280 dollars. However, this is not the only place to buy something like this. 

     Cheaper alternatives to the classic North Face jacket could be from sites such as Princess Polly, Aritzia, and Adika. These mostly range from eighty to a hundred dollars. Also, an even less expensive option is Target, selling these for only twenty five dollars. 

     Not only do teens feel the need to keep up with the trendiest clothes, accessories are just as important. Popular accessories this winter include beanies, and mini bags.

     Beanies have been worn by many people for several years, it’s essential for the cold weather in Connecticut, however this season more people are wearing them because of the trend. The brand Carhartt is making an appearance on most teens instagram feeds this year.

     Carhartt beanies come in close to every single color, and are only seventeen dollars when purchased directly from their site. Not only is it trendy to wear, but keeps your head warm on snowy days. Senior, Nik Cruciani says, “These beanies are super comfortable and I can style them with a lot of different outfits.”

     Another accessory that spiked teens’ interest this year are mini bags. Small purses are perfect for storing only necessities when going out. Designer bags are what most teens dream of, such as Louis Vuitton and Prada, but these styles can be found in other places for a fraction of the price. 

     A popular site, Shein, offers trendy clothes and accessories for low prices. These small bags can be found on their website, or app in many colors and patterns. Big purses are overrated now, a mini bag is all you need. 

     Trends are changing every year, and it’s often hard for teens to keep up, and keep their wallets full, but anyone can be trendy on a budget if they search in the right places.