A Growing Beauty Artist: Lexi Roma


Getting artsy: Lexi Roma focuses as she applies eye makeup to a client. Photo courtesy of Shannon Alicki.

Aliya Prosser, Staff Writer

     As students graduate, many pursue their passions through academic studies, independent research, or hands-on experience in a field with professionals. As students begin to craft their futures, some take the opportunity to expand their creativity and grow their artistic skill set. Lexi Roma, Foran alumni of the class of 2019, takes on an unconventional learning experience as a growing makeup artist. 

     From a young age, Roma’s connection with the beauty community has inspired her to learn about the art of skincare and makeup application. She states, “Growing up I was very insecure about my skin so I started using makeup which then turned into a passion for skincare. I wanted to help others find their beauty as well.”

     After attending Paul Mitchell to further her beauty education, Roma has gained the knowledge to work professionally in a variety of ways. She states, “With makeup I learned everything from makeup application to building my profile. It also taught me to feel more comfortable talking to people and how to be a professional in the process.”

     With her skill set, Roma aspires to take charge of her makeup platform in several ways. She states, “My plans for the future are to work at a spa and even start my own skincare line”. Through promoting her talents on social media, working with clients, and committing to her learning in the beauty field, Roma chases her passion for beauty assistance with a promising future. 

     With her love for makeup and skincare, Roma becomes an unstoppable addition to the beauty industry, excited for improvement and the opportunities coming her way. 

Finished product: Client smiles in makeup look created by Lexi Roma. Photo courtesy of Lexi Roma.
Makeup fun: Lexi Roma and her sister, Amanda Roma, smile as Lexi applies eye makeup to Amanda’s eyes. Photo courtesy of Lily Dowling.
All dolled up: Client poses after a finished makeup application by Lexi Roma. Photo courtesy of Lexi Roma.