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Getting artsy: Lexi Roma focuses as she applies eye makeup to a client. Photo courtesy of Shannon Alicki.

A Growing Beauty Artist: Lexi Roma

April 19, 2021

     As students graduate, many pursue their passions through academic studies, independent research, or hands-on experience in a field with professionals. As students begin to craft their futures,...

Players show a photo of the Covid-19 cases in Connecticut with the caption on the poster “Let Us Play” on September 9. Photo courtesy of Shawn McFarland/The Hartford Courant.

Benched for the Season

October 16, 2020

     As a result of the coronavirus, on September 16 the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) informed the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) that 11-on-11 tackle football...

No Justice, No Peace

No Justice, No Peace

June 8, 2020

  Aliya Prosser Staff Writer      Milford came together on Monday, June 8 at the Milford gazebo on the green, to listen, learn and stand in solidarity with hundreds of people to support #BlackLivesMatter....

Marchers in Benicia, California taken on May 31, 2020. Photo courtesy of Kameron Lane.

I Can’t Breathe

June 2, 2020

       Monday, May 25 sparked an uproar of protests following the death of Minnesota citizen, George Floyd. He was a 46-year-old African-American man who was born and raised in Minneapolis where he...

History teacher Frank Tupka takes a picture with fellow staff members before open house night.

Tupka Takes Teacher Of the Year

May 21, 2020

        Teachers can communicate information to their students in a variety of ways. What separates the teachers that simply teach their lessons from those that stimulate critical thinking is their...

Sam Lavallee, freshman, putting out the candles on her birthday cake in the comfort of her home.

How To Party Apart

April 22, 2020

       While the coronavirus has taken a toll on a countless number of spring events, it is still possible to have birthday fun in a safe manner. This year, students find exciting ways to celebrate...

New teacher, Dan Walsh, gets acclimated to new job at Foran. Photo courtesy of Foran staff.

New, Friendly Faces: Dan Walsh and Ashley Dobuzinsky

March 31, 2020

       The CNA program and special education courses are programs that many students look forward to in their high school career. Because of this, when former CNA teacher, Mrs. MaryEllen Magee Brown,...

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