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Seraiah LaPorte

Seraiah LaPorte, Staff Writer

Hi my name is Seraiah LaPorte and I am a senior at Foran High School. I play lacrosse and enjoy building new relationships there. I also am a part of the Sound Lions club where we spread awareness about environmental issues and help improve our environment for the best. In my free time I also enjoy cooking, baking, and learning new instruments.

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Modelling Headbands: Garcia and her model posing for pictures at a shoot for her website, November 1, 2020.

The Making of Miguelinda: How a 16 Year Old Created a Successful, Growing Business.

Seraiah LaPorte, Staff Writer | February 26, 2021

     On April 26 Foran student, Mivette Garcia, created and launched her own business called Miguelinda. The brand went from a small job between her Snapchat account to having a website and social media presence. Through some struggles and complications, Garcia has created a name for herself as an...

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Light Celebration in Malaysia: The Kek Lok Si Display of Lights in Malaysia during the 2020 Chinese New Year. Photo courtesy: Patrick Tanch, January 20, 2020.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year

Kathleen Chang and Seraiah LaPorte | February 12, 2021

     New Year celebrations have yet to conclude around the world, where those who follow the lunisolar calendar will welcome a new year during the beginning of February. According to the present calendar cycle this year, the Lunar New Year falls on February 12 and will be celebrated by millions worldwide...

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Photo Caption: Kayleigh Hackett displays her dress in her performance of Irish Step dance in 2013.

Honoring Heritage this Holiday Season

Mary Grace Weissauer and Seraiah LaPorte | December 14, 2020

     The holiday season brings a lot more than presents. It’s also a time for family traditions and friends during this happy and festive time of year. As many celebrate Christmas it is important to recognize others may celebrate other holidays, just as merry and bright.       In Jewish culture,...

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Together in a new home: Julianne and her mother, Ri-anne Yason,in an American airport. Photo courtesy of Julianne Yasona

Student Spotlight: Julianne Yasona

Kathleen Chang and Seraiah LaPorte | November 21, 2020

     While the typical 11-year-old finds themselves occupied with sports or hanging out with friends, Julianne Yasona’s concern at this age proved to be much different. Now a high school junior, Julianne’s move to the United States in 2014 had her face hardships that other middle schoolers would...

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October’s Breast cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon to show support towards those dealing or who have dealt with the cancer. Photo courtesy of Angiola Harry on Unsplash.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Seraiah LaPorte, Staff Writer | October 30, 2020

     From Oct. 1 to 31, the education and awareness for breast cancer is prominent in many countries all around the world. Informing others helps decrease the risk of being undiagnosed and provides the many foundations around the world support to help fund their organizations.       Breast...

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Players show a photo of the Covid-19 cases in Connecticut with the caption on the poster “Let Us Play” on September 9. Photo courtesy of Shawn McFarland/The Hartford Courant.

Benched for the Season

The CIAC officially cancels the 2020 football season for the fall
Seraiah LaPorte and Aliya Prosser | October 16, 2020

     As a result of the coronavirus, on September 16 the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) informed the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) that 11-on-11 tackle football should not be continued this fall.       Friday nights are filled with exciting game play...

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Marchers in Benicia, California taken on May 31, 2020. Photo courtesy of Kameron Lane.

I Can’t Breathe

Minnesota man, George Floyd, dies in custody of the Minnesota police force on Monday, May 25
Aliya Prosser and Seraiah Laporte | June 2, 2020

       Monday, May 25 sparked an uproar of protests following the death of Minnesota citizen, George Floyd. He was a 46-year-old African-American man who was born and raised in Minneapolis where he returned after college to become a family man. On this day, he was reported to the police regarding...

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