How To Party Apart

Ways to celebrate a birthday while social distancing


Sam Lavallee, freshman, putting out the candles on her birthday cake in the comfort of her home.

Aliya Prosser, Staff Writer

       While the coronavirus has taken a toll on a countless number of spring events, it is still possible to have birthday fun in a safe manner. This year, students find exciting ways to celebrate their big day as they work to keep their distance from others. 

       As spatial awareness becomes more important, many are left at their homes to themselves and their families. With that said, spending quality time with family can be a perfect way to enjoy one’s birthday under protection. Junior, Isabel Blanco, says that she spent her 17 birthday by ordering take out and enjoying her own birthday surprise by her older sister. She says, “I ordered dinner from Barcelona in New Haven, my sister made a  cake, and decorated the whole house. She took out the Christmas tree and put pictures of me all over it. At first, I was really disappointed because I was supposed to see a broadway show on my birthday, but when I saw all the effort my family put in I was so happy!” Although the coronavirus may have directed birthday plans unexpectedly, celebrating them with one’s family can make for just as good of a time. 

Audrey Lane, junior, shocked to find several close friends outside of her house in their cars for her 17 birthday.

       Like Blanco, many students have decided to celebrate their birthday with their loved ones while ensuring limited contact with them. In a time of social distancing, drive-by parties where people can surprise and celebrate their friends by honking their horns and yelling “happy birthday” have become popular. Audrey Lane, junior, gives her take on her own experience with this for her 17 birthday. As her birthday approached, she felt upset by the fact that she would not be able to hold the big celebration that she originally wanted to have. Yet, watching her friends drive by her house on her special day made up for the situation. Lane says, “I loved it because even though it was hard not being able to run up to everyone and give them hugs, I was so happy I could see all of my friends! I was not expecting it at all because I had not heard of anyone doing things like that, but now I feel like everyone is which is so cool.” Fortunately, drive-by celebrations allow students to enjoy a fun surprise safely. 

      Although some students have managed to celebrate their birthday with others, some have found birthday fun independently. Freshman, Sam Lavallee, claims that she spent her 15 birthday by getting involved in some of her favorite hobbies. Lavalle says, “I spent some time doing the hobbies I love such as writing and working out.” To really make her day special, she also states, “I went hiking with my family and spent some time face timing my friends.” Sadly, Lavalle was not able to have the traditional birthday experience that she was planning, but was happily surprised by the excitement she found in these activities.

       Preventing contact with others has been a serious concern from many families and students. At the same time, birthday celebrations can be held in many ways while being secure. As Lavallee says, “I was a little upset that I could not be with my friends and extended family in person, but I am super grateful that none of them are sick and the social distancing just means that I can see them sooner!”