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New teacher, Dan Walsh, gets acclimated to new job at Foran. Photo courtesy of Foran staff.

New, Friendly Faces: Dan Walsh and Ashley Dobuzinsky

March 31, 2020

       The CNA program and special education courses are programs that many students look forward to in their high school career. Because of this, when former CNA teacher, Mrs. MaryEllen Magee Brown,...

Social media star, Joe Albanese, posing while taking a picture for his website, TaylorParkerAcademy, which is shared with Taylor Offer.

Joe Albanese: Rising to Fame on Tik Tok

March 23, 2020

       Tik Tok has taken over the social media world. App users such as Joe Albanese are gaining more fame every day from posting these short, yet comical videos.        Tik Tok, the number...

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