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Social media star, Joe Albanese, posing while taking a picture for his website, TaylorParkerAcademy, which is shared with Taylor Offer.

Joe Albanese: Rising to Fame on Tik Tok

Ava Abbotts and Francie Grabowski | March 23, 2020

       Tik Tok has taken over the social media world. App users such as Joe Albanese are gaining more fame every day from posting these short, yet comical videos.        Tik Tok, the number one trending app in the App Store, is a company owned by ByteDance. They bought the well known app,...

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Movies are rarely viewed in theaters anymore and any movies that could’ve been in theaters, can now be seen from home on apps such as Disney Plus and Netflix. November 10, 2019. Photo Courtesy of Jordan Lawrence.

Students Weigh in: Favorite TV Shows Streaming Now

Ava Abbotts and Tatyanna Bun | February 6, 2020

       Regular television has become less and less common over the years. Most people have converted to watch their favorite shows on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, etc. These apps allow easy access for people's favorite shows where they can binge watch all of their favorite episodes...

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