Fresh Faces at Foran High

Several Teachers Begin a New Step in Their Career


Lisa Farrell

New Members of the Pride: Foran welcomes eight new teachers to its faculty in the 2021-2022 school year. Photo Courtesy: Mrs. Lisa Farrell, August 30, 2021.

Sean Ayoub and Bella Mema

     Each year, Foran welcomes new teachers, representing a wide variety of subjects and grade levels. This year, the school welcomed eight new teachers. 

     One of several changes this year includes founder of the Foran orchestra program, Mr. Steven Juhasz, who will now be teaching at all three of Milford’s middle schools. Because of this change, Foran welcomes a fresh new perspective to the strings program with Mr. Scott Benson. 

     Benson, with 13 years of teaching experience, is “thrilled to be part of a community with such positive energy!”

     He teaches strings at Calf Pen Meadow, Live Oaks, and Orchard Hills as well. Though he says teaching elementary school music is “energizing and refreshing,” Benson is excited to work with more advanced pieces at Foran, as it is more “artistically satisfying.”

     The Foran Music Department welcomes another member. After directing last year’s virtual Drama Club production of Game of Tiaras, Mr. Jason Stammen will be Foran’s new choir director.

     Despite Covid-19 restraints, he is excited to be making music in-person again, especially after teaching private voice lessons for 11 years. He states, “It’s amazing to work with students who can sing in-person. Even with masks on, it’s so rewarding.” 

     English department welcomes Ms. Moira Cassell, who is in her 10th year of teaching, though it was not her first career. She says, “Teaching was a midlife career change for me, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” 

     Across the school, Foran’s new Modern World History teacher doesn’t just teach about the world, but she’s taught around it as well. Ms. Cynthia Bradford had the opportunity to teach students in Japan for two years.

     This year, she is most excited to teach Crime and Punishment, a popular class among students. She says, “I had never heard of a high school class called ‘Crime and Punishment’ before coming to Foran, so I am excited to see what my students discuss and are impacted by in that class as well.”

     For Bradford, hearing about others’ experiences and teaching life lessons is most important. New Family and Consumer Science teacher, Mrs. Molly Zanella agrees. While she teaches Culinary Arts and Nutrition, as well as Child Development, Interior Design is her favorite class to teach.

     She states, “I love to reuse and repurpose everyday items in the home, making something new from something old.” With her five years of experience teaching, she is ready to bring a new point of view to Foran High School.

     Ms. Shannon Navroth, world language teacher, not only teaches at Foran, but she was a student herself as part of the Class of 2007. Before returning to Foran, she taught English to children in Spain for four years.

     Mr. Jeff Blude, who teaches several business classes, is excited to officially be a member of the Foran High School family. 

     Blude adds, “… I have already felt like part of [the Foran family], as I interned here (2019-2020) and also completed my student teaching here (Fall 2020).” Blude is happy to make the transition to officially teaching. 

     Following the retirement of Ms. Lori Hart last year, a new health teacher joined the Pride. Mr. Eric Bailey is in his first year teaching after spending several years as a long-term substitute teacher. 

     Bailey says, “Both classes [I teach] have a lot of topics that I enjoy but I am most excited for first aid since it is not a topic that students learn about every year, and I am able to incorporate some of my previous experiences as an athletic trainer.” 

     Foran’s assistant principal Mrs. Beth Gilman says, “We are so fortunate to have this year’s crew of new teachers. They bring to Foran expertise and a diversity of experiences that adds to our school.”

     In fact, Foran principal Mr. Max Berkowitz agrees, saying, “[The new teachers] have shown through the start of school that they are fully invested in helping students succeed…. They want to be involved in the school community in a variety of ways… They are a very enthusiastic group.”

     Each of Foran’s new teachers offers something special to our school’s environment. Whether it’s visiting them in the Literacy Center or waving to them in the hallway, make sure to give each of them a warm welcome to the Pride.