The Significance of Tech Classes


Jason Cruz

Perfecting their craft: Freshman Nolan Fortier in Wood Tech working with the band saw.

Dean Ross and Jason Cruz

     As the world continues to advance in technology, it only increases the need and emphasizes the importance of engineers and the technology used on a regular basis. Tech classes, like the ones offered at Foran, can help students in their future careers as well as everyday life. 

     From things like how to change oil, rotate tires, and how to use a variety of different tools such as torque wrenches, drills, and table saws, students learn valuable lessons. Foran offers several tech classes including power tech, wood tech, and engineering and design.

     Senior Kyle Pokornowski has been taking tech classes since freshman year. He states, “I have helped around my house already. I had helped set up a wall in my house which used the skills from my wood tech classes.”

     According to the website, Middle Earth, these classes are important. The article titled “Benefits of Vocational-Technical High Schoolsexplains that when students take tech classes in high school, it can prepare students to work in a particular trade or even allow them to obtain a part time job while in college. 

     Power and wood tech teacher Mr. Bill Domeracki states, “I enjoy helping my students become skillful and independent. I also enjoy helping my students guide themselves into career pathways.”

     Junior Joao Londe started at Foran this year and has started taking tech classes right away. He says, “So far I have learned about tools that I never knew existed and that’s just the start. I have not used all of the skills I have learned so far but I 100% know that I will in the near future.”

     Within these classes, students are not only able to learn life skills, but also to get a jump start on their career if they choose to go down one of these paths. Not all tech students have to follow this route, however. “These classes can also prepare students for life in general,” says Pokornowski.

     According to NCES, most public high school students participate in vocational education. In 1992, almost all public high school graduates (97 percent) completed at least one vocational education course, and 87 percent completed at least one occupationally specific course.

     Taking these classes allows students to learn multiple life skills like problem solving. These classes also show students how to troubleshoot problems. 

     Owner of Candido Electric, Jerry Candido says, “Tech classes are so important for students in so many different ways, it’s great how students have access to classes like this and it is important to utilize these classes as it can help them in their future.”

     With this, students can not only use their knowledge in the aspect of tech classes, but in real life scenarios after high school.

     “I have learned that it is important to guide students in the direction they want to be in,” says Domeracki, “I have learned that my students are very good problem solvers when they put their minds to a problem. I have also learned that teaching is just as rewarding as it is challenging.”