High School Club Offers Hope for Humanity

Thomas Gauthier, Staff Writer

     Foran High School hosts a variety of student clubs and activities, including Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller. It was designed to help people in need by building, repairing, and improving their homes.

     Habitat has over 150 clubs and affiliates throughout the United States alone, as well as a presence in over 70 countries around the globe. Disaster response teams work with local communities to address housing needs after natural disasters and help homeless people by building shelters for them. Habitat’s work raises awareness and support for decent and affordable housing/shelter, which is a basic human need.

    Foran’s Habitat club is one of nine official groups based in Connecticut. Many of these groups operate through high schools and churches, attempting to get people to join their cause and improve people’s lives. 

     Chelsea Green, a Foran High School English teacher and organizer for the school’s Habitat Club, says, “I decided to be the advisor for Habitat for Humanity because I think helping the community around me is one of the most fulfilling activities possible. I thrive to not only make the community better by serving it, but also by helping and encouraging students to become people who care for the community.”

     The club not only helps make the Milford community better, it also makes Foran better by increasing the school’s ability to help others. The Habitat club participates and organizes various fundraisers throughout the community and at Foran. 

     Junior and Habitat for Humanity Club President Skyler Agresti adds, “Our club focuses not only on the Foran community but for the entirety of Milford as well. In the past we’ve had food drives, virtual libraries, card making for various groups such as veterans, and many more. We’re also looking forward to scheduling a beach clean up in the spring.”

     In total, Habitat for Humanity has helped over 36 million people across the planet, and the number continues to grow rapidly. The Habitat for Humanity organization of Eastern Connecticut has built over 92 homes alone, and has assisted more than 120 families in Connecticut.  

     Junior Nico Agresti, vice president of Foran’s Habitat club, added, “We know a lot of our members participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. We try to keep our meetings close to 10 to 15 minutes in order to respect everyone’s time.” The Habitat club meets every Friday after school at 2 p.m., and anyone interested in joining the club can attend these meetings and should email Ms. Green and [email protected].

     No special requirements or skills are needed. The only thing asked of those who join Habitat for Humanity is time, understanding and dedication. For additional information, contact Skyler Agresti at [email protected].